Phospholipids Handbook  book cover
1st Edition

Phospholipids Handbook

ISBN 9780203743577
Published April 27, 2018 by CRC Press
1004 Pages

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Book Description

Employing a multidisciplinary approach to phospholipid research, this work catalogues the current knowledge of this class of molecules and details the general, chemical, physical and structural properties of phospholipid monolayers and bilayers. Phospholipid applications are also covered.

Table of Contents

"General and Chemical Properties Structure and Nomenclature, John R. Silvius Occurrence and Response to Environmental Stresses in Nonmammalian Organisms, S. L. Neidleman Isolation and Analysis of Phospholipids and Phospholipid Mixtures, K.-H. Gober, B. R. Gunther, E. M. Lunebach, G. Repplinger, and M. Wiedemann Phospholipid Biosynthesis, Kenneth J. Longmuir Chemical Preparation of Sphingosine and Sphingolipids: A Review of Enantioselective Syntheses, Hoe-Sup Byun and Robert Bittman Chemical Preparation of Glycerolipids: A Review of Recent Syntheses, Robert Bittman Polymerizable Phospholipids, Alok Singh and Joel M. Schnur Coupling and Labeling of Phospholipids, Vladmir P. Torchilin and Alexander L. Klibanov Chemical Stability, R. Evstigneeva Physical Stability on Long-Term Storage, Daan J. A. Crommelin, Herre Talsma, Mustafa Grit, and Nicolaas J. Zuidam Physical and Structural Properties Physical Characterization, Gregor Cevc and John M. Seddon Lipid Polymorphism: Structure and Stability of Lyotropic Mesophases of Phospholipids, John M. Seddon and Gregor Cevc Dynamic Properties, Alfred Blume Ionization and Ion Binding, Suren A. Tatulian Phospholipid Hydration, Thomas J. McIntosh and Alan D. Magid Phospholipid Monolayers, Helmuth Möhwald Phospholipid Vesicles, Helmut Hauser Solute Transport Across Bilayers, Gregor Cevc Intermembrane and Transbilayer Transfer of Phospholipids, J. Wylie Nichols Magnetic Resonance Studies of Phospholipid---Protein Interactions in Bilayers, Anthony Watts Biological Aspects Biological Distribution, Mark A. Yorek Phospholipid Metabolism in Animal Cells, Gerrit L. Scherphof Toxicity and Systemic Effects of Phospholipids, Theresa M. Allen Immunologic Properties and Activities of Phospholipids, William E. Fogler Phospholipids in Diagnosis, R. Andrew Badley, Paul J. Davis, and D. M. Tolley Biological and Biotechnological Applications of Phospholipids, Roger R. C. New Medical Applications of Phospholipids, Yukihiro Namba Phospholipids in Disease, C. M. Gupta Appendix A: Structural Parameters of Phospholipids, John M. Seddon Appendix B: Thermodynamic Parameters of Phospholipids, Gregor Cevc Appendix C: Mechanical, Solubility, and Related Parameters of Phospholipids, Gregor Cevc "

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". . .such a book reflects an always. . .growing interest in the study and the use of the phospholipids. . .The didactic form of the book contributes greatly to the develop[ment] of. . .interest in this important matter. "
---Cellular and Molecular Biology
". . .a useful addition. "
---Molecular Biotechnology