Photoassimilate Distribution Plants and Crops Source-Sink Relationships  book cover
1st Edition

Photoassimilate Distribution Plants and Crops Source-Sink Relationships

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ISBN 9780824794408
Published March 8, 1996 by CRC Press
926 Pages

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Book Description

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of photoassimilate partitioning and source-sink relationhips, this work details the major aspects of source-sink physiology and metabolism, the integration of individual components and photoassimilate partitioning, and the whole plant source-sink relationships in 16 agriculturally important crops. The work examines in detail the components of carbon partitioning, such as ecology, photosynthesis, loading, transport and anatomy, and discusses the impact of genetic, environmental and agrotechnical factors on the parts of whole plant source-link physiology.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Physiological and metabolic aspects of the components of source-sink relationships: growth analysis and photoassimilate partitioning; primary photosynthate production - physiology and metabolism; respiration and growth metabolism; starch synthesis in sinks and sources; fructans as reserve carbohydrates in crop plants; sucrose metabolism in sinks and sources; metabolism of carbohydrates in sinks and sources - galactosyl-sucrose oligosaccharides; metabolism of carbohydrates in sinks and sources - sugar alcohols; phloem loading; structure, mechanisms of catalysis and regulation of sugar transporters in plants; mechanisms of long and short distance transport from sources to sinks; anatomical and physiological characteristics of sink cells. Part 2 The integration of source-sink components: source-sink interaction and communication in leaves; biochemical genetics of carbohydrate metabolism in source and sink tissue; potential for genetically modifying source-sink metabolism; effects of temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide on source-sink relations in the context of climate change; metabolic adjustments, assimilate partitioning and alterations in source-sink relations in drought-stressed plants; light quality and quantity effects on source-sink relationships during plant growth and development; hormonal regulation of source-sink relationships - an overview of potential control mechanisms; source-sink relationships under symbiotic nitrogen fixation; effects of pathogens and parasitic plants on source-sink relationships. Part 3 Whole plant source-sink relationships of selected crops: wheat; rice; corn; soybeans; pea; sugarcane; carrot; sugarbeet; tomato; cucurbits; alfalfa; turfgrass; citrus; prunus; grape; roses.

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". . .a comprehensive reference on assimilate partitioning containing contributions from many of the leading scientists in the field. "
---Photosynthesis Research
". . .gives a broad and very up-to-date picutre of important progress in the field.. . .an exceptionally valuable monograph.. . . . . .recommend[ed]. . .both to advanced students and plant biology researchers as well as to specialists in crop biology. "
---Acta Physiologiae Plantarum
". . .strongly recommend[ed]. . .as a standard which should be present on every scientific library bookshelf. Plant physiologists who have to teach this field will discover in this book a unqiue source for lecture and seminars. Experts will profit from the outstanding number of references. "
---Journal of Plant Physiology