1st Edition

Photodynamic Therapy Basic Principles and Clinical Applications

By Henderson Copyright 1992

    Covering all aspects of photodynamic therapy, 70 expert contributors from the fields of photochemistry, photobiology, photophysics, pharmacology, oncology and surgery, provide multidisciplinary discussions on photodynamic therapy - a rapidly-developing approach to the treatment of solid tumours.;Photodynamic Therapy: Basic Principles and Clinical Applications describes the molecular and cellular effects of photodynamic treatment; elucidates the complex events leading to photodynamics tissue destruction, particularly vascular and inflammatory responses; discusses the principles of light penetration through tissues and optical dosimetry; examines photosensitizer pharmacology and delivery systems; reviews in detail photosensitizer structure-activity relationships; illustrates novel devices that aid light dosimetry and fluorescence detection; and extensively delineates clinical applications, including early diagnosis and treatment.;A comprehensive and up-to-date reference, this book should be useful for oncologists, pharmacologists, surgeons, photobiologists, optical engineers, laser technicians, biologists, physicists, chemists and biochemists involved in cancer research, as well as graduate-level students in these disciplines.

    Historical perspective, Thomas J. Dougherty, et al. Part 1 Molecular and cellular effects of photodynamic therapy: fluorescence and photodynamic effects of phthalocyanines and porphyrins in cells, Johan Moan, et al; photodynamic therapy - membrane and enzyme photobiology, Tom M.A.R. Dubbleman, et al; cellular targets of photodynamic therapy as a guide to mechanisms, Russell Hilf; cellular stress responses following photodynamic therapy, Stefan W. Ryter, et al; basic photobiology and mechanisms of action of phthalocyanines, Ehud Ben-Hur; cationic sensitizers, combination therapies, and new methodologies, Allan R. Oseroff; bacterial and viral photodynamic inactivation, Zvi Malik, et al. Part 2 Tissue effects of photodynamic therapy: determinants for photodynamic tissue destruction, David A. Bellnier and Barbara W. Henderson; photosensitizing dyes related to hematoporphyrin derivative - structure-activity relationships, David Kessel, et al; phthalocyanines and related compounds - structure activity relationships, Benoit Paquette and Johan E. van Lier; reduced porphyrins as photosensitizers - synthesis and biological effects, Alan R. Morgan; low density lipoproteins-liposome delivery systems for tumour photosensitizers in vivo, Giulio Jori; photosensitizer delivery mediated by macro-molecular carrier systems, Tayyaba Hasan; normal tissue damage following photodynamic therapy - are there biological advantages?, Hugh Barr and Stephen G. Bown. Part 3 Clinical applications of photodynamic therapy: clinical photodynamic therapy - the continuing evolution, Stuart L. Marcus; photodynamic therapy in treatment of early cancer, Yoshihiro Hayata and Harubumi Kato; palliation for endobronchial tumours in lung cancer, Anne-Marie Regal; innovative photodynamic therapy at the National Cancer Institute - intraoperative, intracavitary treatment, Harvey I. Pass and Thomas F. DeLaney; clinical application of photodynamic therapy - German collaborative studies, Kieter Jocham, et al; photodynamic therapy - an eight-year experience, James S. McCaughan, et al. Part 4 Photophysics and photodynamic therapy technology: light delivery and optical dosimetry in photodynamic therapy of solid tumours, Willem M. Star, et al; the implications of photobleaching for photodynamic therapy, Lars O. Svaasand and William R. Potter; laser spectroscopy in medical diagnostics, Stefan Andersson-Engels, et al.


    Barbara W. Henderson