1st Edition

Physical Education in Relation to School Life A Statement of Present Conditions and Future Needs

By Reginald E. Roper Copyright 1917

    First published in 1917, Physical Education in Relation to School Life views the problems of growth and health in relation to education. The main outlines of a satisfactory physical education and its importance are indicated. The author has compared his aims and objectives, and appreciated the practical value of some of the better-known methods of dealing with the problems, and has suggested the direction in which future improvements may most usefully be sought. This book will be of interest to students of physical education, pedagogy and history.

    Introduction 1. School life and physique 2. The sitting position 3. The measurement of growth 4. The practice of physical education 5. Discipline 6. The relative strength of girls and boys 7. Sex-education in schools 8. Town life and physique 9. The present state of physical education 10. The future of physical education


    Reginald E. Roper