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Physical Foundations of the Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves Technique, Volume 2: Sources. Element Base. Radio Systems: Novel Scientific Trends

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ISBN 9789067642521
Published August 1, 1997 by CRC Press
244 Pages

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Book Description

The developments in physics, biology and astronomy, as well as radar and communication technology, remote sensing and spectroscopy have led to a sharp increase in the investigations of electromagnetic millimeter and submillimeter waves with the lengths 10--1 and 1--0.1 mm. These volumes reflect the results of extensive research in this field and attempt to destroy stereotypes established during the long years of large-scale modeling in the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges and to develop new concepts. The first volume (Open Structures) deals with the results of theoretical and experimental studies of open electrodynamic structures (open waveguides, open resonators, diffractional gratings) allowing the determination of the characteristics of various devices used in millimeter and submillimeter technology. The second volume (Sources. Element Base. Radio Systems: Novel Scientific Trends) presents the problems of creating independent units and radiosystems of the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength ranges and the justification of their physical operating principles. This includes the mechanism of generating volume waves by electron flows moving close to a grating, excitation of fields in open resonators and waveguides with inclusion, and other phenomena.

Table of Contents

Foreword Introduction GENERATORS OF DIFFRACTIONAL RADIATION Diffractional radiation Detailed structure of diffractional radiation Excitation of open resonators by the diffractional radiation The flight mode of the GDR excitation Reflecting, impulse, autodyne, and special modes of GDR Packed GDR ELEMENT BASE Open resonators in diffractional electronics Dielectric measurements on the basis of open resonators Applications of open resonators in spectroscopy and in the studies of dynamical polarization of atomic nuclei The communication element of the cylindrical slot line Small cylindrical slot radiators Slot directional couplers Reflectors, resonators, and detector section designed on the basis of cylindrical slot lines Communication elements of a dielectric waveguide Interferometer for integrated schemes of the millimeter wavelength range The diffractional input of energy to dielectric waveguides RADIO SYSTEMS AND NOVEL SCIENTIFIC TRENDS Experimental studies of plasma, biological objects, and vibrations using GDR-autodyne GDR-spectroscopy and pumping of nuclear targets GDR radiolocation Scanning-type polarimeter on the basis of open resonators Wave-measuring devices and spectral analyses on the basis of a cylindrical slot radiator The plant for measuring the Abraham force Millimeter-wave antennas designed on the basis of cylindrical and image slot radiators and diffractional gratings with dielectric waveguides References

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