1st Edition

Physiology of Rubber Tree Latex The Laticiferous Cell and Latex- A Model of Cytoplasm

By J. d'Auzac Copyright 1989
    482 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The present work is based on the study of the laticiferous system in Hevea. It therefore covers anatomical, histological, and cytological research on laticifers and latex, together with biochemical and enzymological investigation of latex in vitro. Integration of all these studies led to the investigation of the physiology of the laticiferous function. The work described includes the most important results obtained over a period of nearly a century and the most recent work which has yet to be published.

    1. Anatomy and Cytology of the Laticiferous System of Hevea Brasiliensis 2. The Composition of Latex from Hevea Brasiliensis as a Laticiferous Cytoplasm 3. General Metabolism of Hevea Brasiliensis Latex 4. Physiology of Latex Flow 5. The Hormonal Stimulation of Latex Yield 6. The Limiting Factors of Latex Yield of Hevea 7. The Bark Dryness Disease.


    J. d'Auzac