2nd Edition

Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems
A Guide for Installers, Architects and Engineers

ISBN 9781844077601
Published May 7, 2010 by Routledge
368 Pages

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Book Description

Solar thermal systems available today offer efficiency and reliability. They can be applied in different conditions to meet space- and water-heating requirements in the residential, commercial and industrial building sectors. The potential for this technology and the associated environmental benefits are significant.

This fully updated edition of 2004's bestselling guide offers clear guidance on planning and installing a solar thermal system, crucial to the successful uptake of this technology. All major topics for successful project implementation are included. Beginning with resource assessment and an outline of core components, it details solar thermal system design, installation, operation and maintenance for single households, large systems, swimming pool heaters, solar air and solar cooling applications. Details on how to market solar thermal technologies, a review of relevant simulation tools and data on selected regional, national and international renewable energy programmes are also provided.

In short, the book offers comprehensive guidance for professionals who wish to install solar thermal technology and is a highly valued resource for architects and engineers alike who are working on new projects, electricians, roofers and other installers, craftsmen undertaking vocational training and anyone with a specialized and practical interest in this field.

Published with DGS

Table of Contents

Part 1: Solar Radiation and Arguments for its Use Solar Radiation.  The Finiteness of Energy Resources.  Climate Change and its Consequences.  Good Arguments for Solar Systems.  Part 2: Components of Solar Thermal Systems  How Does a Solar Thermal System Work?  Collectors.  Heat Stores.  Solar Circuit.  Controller.   Part 3: Systems for Single-Family Houses  Systems for Charging/Discharging the Store.  Systems for Heating Domestic Water.  Systems for Heating Domestic Water and Space Heating.  Planning and Dimensioning.  Costs and Yields.  Part 4: Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Servicing.   A Brief Study of Roofing and Materials.   Installation Methods and Safety.  Installation.  Starting Up, Maintenance and Servicing.   Information Sources for Specific Countries.  Part 5: Large-scale Systems  Systems.  Control of the Systems.  Heat Exchangers.   Safety Technology.   Economic Considerations.   Solar Contracting.  Solar District Heating.  Part 6: Solar Concentrating Systems  Concentration of Solar Radiation.  Concentrating Systems Providing Process Heat.  Concentrating Solar Thermal Systems for Electricity Generation.  Part 7: Solar Heating of Open-Air Swimming Pools   Introduction.   Components.  Systems.  Planning and Dimensioning.   Installation.   Operation and Maintenance.   Costs and Yields.   Examples.   Part 8: Solar Air Systems  Introduction.   Components.   Systems.   Planning and Dimensioning.   Installation.  Costs and Yields.   Examples.   Part 9: Solar Cooling   Theoretical Bases.  Integrated Planning of Solar Cooling/Air-conditioning Systems. System Technology.  System Design.  More Information.   Part 10: Simulation Programs for Solar Thermal Systems  Introduction.  Evaluation of Simulation Results.  Simulation with Shading.   Market Survey, Classification and Selection of Simulation Programs.  Brief Description of Simulation Programs.  Part 11: Marketing and Promotion  The Fundamentals of Solar Marketing.  More Success through Systematic Marketing.  The Sothern Europe Initiative: European Network of Solar Thermal Marketing Campaigns.  A Good Sales Discussion Can is Enjoyable.  Subsidies.  Appendix A: Glossary.  Appendix B: Relevant UK Solar Regulations and Technical Standards.  Appendix C: Nomenclature.  References and Further Information.  Index.

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The guide was prepared in Germany by DGS, the German section of the International Solar Energy Society, with contributions from DLR, the German Aerospace Centre. Ecofys, an international consultancy specializing in sustainable energy and energy efficiency, was responsible for the translation and adaptation of this English edition.


'Offers clear guidance on planning and installing a solar thermal system, crucial to the successful uptake of this technology...Very good and precise summary of the whole field. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about carrying out a solar thermal installation.'Building Engineer Magazine