1st Edition

Planning and Managing Regional Air Quality
Modeling and Measurement Studies

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ISBN 9781566700597
Published June 15, 1994 by CRC Press
864 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents the widely applicable information obtained during the planning and management of the collaborative regional air quality study known as the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study/Atmospheric Utility Signatures, Predictions, and Experiments (SJVAQS/AUSPEX). The extensive experience and knowledge gained during and after the study is clearly presented in this guide - an ideal working reference for developing regional and subregional air quality and meteorological field measurement and modeling studies.

Table of Contents

SJVAQS and AUSPEX: A Collaborative Air Quality Field Measurement and Modeling Program, A.J. Ranzieri and R.H. Thuillier.
Planning Grid-Based Air Quality Simulation Modeling: Scope, Approach, and Design, P.M. Roth, D.A. Hansen, A.J. Ranzieri, and R.H. Thuillier.
Conceptual Plan for Air Quality and Meteorological Modeling in the San Joaquin Valley, C. Seigneur, L.R. Chinkin, R.E. Morris, and R.C. Kessler.
Conceptual Formulation of the Emissions Modeling System, R.J. Dickson, J.G. Wilkinson, L. Bruckman, and T.W. Tesche.
SJVAQS/AUSPEX Collaborative Field Study Plan, D.L. Blumenthal and J.G. Watson.
Design Rationale for the SJVAQS/AUSPEX Meteorological and Air Quality Measurement network to Support Regional Air Quality Modeling and Analysis, D.L. Blumenthal and F.W. Lurmann
Planning for the SJVAQS/AUSPEX Particulate Matter and Visibility Sampling and Analysis, J.C. Chow, J.G. Watson, P.A. Solomon, R.H. Thuillier, K.L. Magliano, S.D. Ziman, D.L. Blumenthal, and L.W. Richards.
Field Measurement Operations, G.E. Start.
Planning and Managing External Quality Assurance, A.W. Gertler and W.G. Coulombe.
Planning and Managing a Near-Real-Time Data Base, G. R. Ackermann.
Planning, Managing, and Using Upper-Air Meteorological Data during Field Operations, E.M. Niccum.
SJVAQS/AUSPEX and SARMAP Data Management, R.J. Hackney, V. Hughes, K.L. Magliano, E.M. Niccum, W. Phelps, J.G. Watson, and J. Anderson.
Planning for Data Analysis, J.G. Watson, J.C. Chow, D.L. Blumenthal, F.W. Lurmann, R. J. Hackney, K.L. Magliano, J.R. Pederson, W.D. Neff, P.M. Roth, P.A. Solomon, R.H. Thuillier, and S.D. Ziman.
Insurance against the Absence of Episodic Conditions during a Prescribed Monitoring Program, P.M. Roth and T.B. Smith.
Recommendations on Planning a Large-Scale Combined Monitoring and Modeling Effort Based on the SJVAQS/AUSPEX Air Quality Study, J.G. Watson, P.M. Roth, D.L. Blumenthal, A.J. Ranzieri, P.A. Solomon, and R.H. Thuillier.
An Overview of SJVAQS/AUSPEX Planning Studies, K.L. Magliano.
The Status of Mesoscale Air Quality Models, C. Seigneur.
The Status of Mesoscale Meteorological Models, R.A. Pielke.
Air Quality and Meteorological Studies Supported by Data Analysis:
Mesoscale Simulation of Photochemical Air Quality in the San Joaquin Valley, R.E. Morris, S.G. Douglas, and R.C. Kessler.
Analyses of San Joaquin Valley Air Quality and Meteorology, P.T. Roberts, C.G. Lindsey, and T.B. Smith.
Ozone Episode Forecasting in the San Joaquin Valley, T.B. Smith.
San Joaquin Valley Meteorological Input Study, R.C. Kessler and S.G. Douglas.
Emissions Inventory Planning and Development, K.L. Magliano and L.R. Chinkin.
Measuring Boundary Conditions: Initial Strategies, Field Testing, and Recommendations, J.R. Pederson, P.T. Roberts, and H.H. Main.
Spatial Distribution of NOx Emissions under Limited Mixing Conditions in the San Joaquin Valley, S.D. Ziman, W. Viezee, and J.R. Pederson.
A Procedure for Determining Representative Monitoring Sites for Photochemical Models Evaluation Studies, F.L. Ludwig.
Assessing Needs, Options, and Tradeoffs for Aerometric Measurements Aloft, R.C. Easter and W.T. Pennell.
Design of an Aircraft Platform for Air Quality Sampling, J.L. Gordon, W.J. Hauze, and A.D. Lisonbee.
Dry Deposition Study Planning, J.M. Hubbe and J.R. Pederson.
PM-10 and PM-2.5 Chemical Characteristics and Source Apportionment in the San Joaquin Valley, J.C. Chow, J.G. Watson, D.H. Lowenthal, P.A. Solomon, K.L. Magliano, S.D. Ziman, and L.W. Richards.
Measurement Method Evaluation:
A Measurement Method for Sampling Pollutants Aloft in Complex Terrain, R.A. Baxter and J.R. Pederson.
Evaluation and Development of Methods for the Measurement of Hydrocarbons and Carbonyl Compounds, K. Fung, M. Porter, D. Fitz, and E. Fujita.
Measurement of NO, NO2, NOx, and NOy in the Atmosphere: Recommendations for SJVAQS/AUSPEX, P.A. Solomon.
Laboratory Evaluation of High-Sensitivity NO/NOx, NO2, and PAN Monitors, J.A. Jassim, D.H. Stedman, P.A. Solomon, W. Moser, M. Dutter, G. Steenson, D. Kita, and J. Drummond.

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