1st Edition

Planning and the Politicians and Other Essays

By A. H. Hanson Copyright 1969
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    367 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1969, Planning and the Politicians is a collection of essays on political subjects, which ranges from a study of the British House of Commons, through a discussion of decentralization in various countries, to an examination of the problems of economic planning in a ‘new’ state. They are arranged in four sections, entitled Parliament, Administration, Development, and Principles. As the book’s title implies, there is a constant preoccupation throughout the essays with the practical issues of politics and public administration, and with the more general problems of political choice that face the individual in the modern world. An introductory essay explains the author’s personal approach to political studies. The book will be of interest to students of political science, governance, administration, and economics.

    Introduction: On Professing Politics Parliament 1. The Purpose of Parliament 2. The Use of Committees by the House of Commons 3. The Labour Party and House of Commons Reform 4. Parliament, Minister and Board 5. Parliament and the control of University Expenditure Administration 6. Public Administration and the Social Order in Twentieth-century Britain 7. Decentralization 8. Planning and the Politicians: Some Reflections on Economic Planning in Western Europe 9. Labour and the Public Corporation 10. Political and Administrative Implications of a Self-financing Road System Development 11. Turkey in 1954 12. The Crisis of Indian Planning 13. The Administration of Planning 14. Grass Roots 15. Public Authorities in Underdeveloped Countries 16. Nile and Niger: Two Agricultural Projects 17. Professor Riggs and Mr Waterston on Development Administration 18. Towards Starvation? Principles 19. On Not Being a Communist: Two Polemics 20. Political Philosophy or Political Science? 21. What Politics is About 22. The Rights of Modern Man Index


    A. H. Hanson