1st Edition

Plant Chromosomes Laboratory Methods

By Kiichi Fukui, Shigeki Nakayama Copyright 1996

    Finally - a guide to cytological techniques written specifically for the plant chromosome researcher and student. Plant Chromosomes: Laboratory Methods thoroughly covers all important approaches to the study of plant chromosomes. It reviews each specific approach and describes requisite experimental techniques. These practical descriptions cover basic, standard techniques as well as the most recent research advances and state-of-the-art technologies.
    Plant Chromosomes: Laboratory Methods allows you to build on the knowledge of its expert authors, who have first-hand experience with the ins and outs of each approach. Through hundreds of trouble-shooting suggestions it also helps you avoid experimental pitfalls by providing invaluable tips at critical points in the experimental process. This book gives you the information you need to improve the power of your plant chromosome research - saving you time and effort in the process. No other single volume contains so much practical information on this topic.

    Plant Chromosomes at Mitosis, K. Fukui
    Outline of Mitotic Chromosomes
    Preparation Method for the Small Chromosome: Enzymatic Maceration/Air Drying (EMA) Method
    Preparation Method for the Large Chromosome: Squash Method
    Preparation Method for Chromosomal Samples of Woody Plants
    Preparation Method for Chromosome Samples of Suspension Cells
    Preparation Method for Chromosome Samples of Flowers and Leaves
    Permanent Preparation of Chromosome Samples
    Plant Chromosomes at Meiosis, P.G. Goicoechea and R. Giraldez
    Meiotic Synchrony and Meiotic Gradients
    Plant Chromosomes at Metabolic Phase, K. Taniguchi
    Morphological Classification by Distribution of Condensed Heterochromatin
    Visualizing Condensation
    Application of Chromosome Banding Techniques
    Polytene Chromosomes, W. Nagl
    Occurrence and Structure of Polytene Chromosomes in Plants
    Staining Methods
    DNA and Gene Analysis
    Digitation and Computer Analysis
    Future Challenges
    Flow Cytometry and Chromosome Sorting, J.S. Heslop-Harrison and T. Schwarzacher
    Future Applications
    Chromosome Dissection and Direct Cloning, Y. Kamisugi and K. Fukui
    Microdissection of Plant Chromosomes
    Direct Cloning
    Direct-Labeling and In Situ Hybridization
    Chromosome Banding Methods, B. Friebe, T.R. Endo, and B.S. Gill
    Principles of Chromosome Banding
    In Situ Hybridization, Y. Mukai
    Advances in In Situ Hybridization
    Sister Chromatid Exchange and Replication Banding, B. Friebe and F. Cort├ęs
    Sister Chromatid Differentiation in Second Division Chromosomes
    Sister Chromatid Differentiation in Third Division Chromosomes
    Replication Banding
    Replication of Chromosomes, K. Taniguchi and I. Fujishige
    Principles of Replication Banding
    Chromosome Manipulation in Wheat, J.P. Gustafson and J.W. Snape
    Genome Balance and Introgression
    Random Homologous Alien Transfers
    Irradiation Technologies and Selection Strategies
    Homologous Transfers by the Control of Recombination
    Alien Introgression and Gene Expression
    Electron Microscopy and Plant Chromosomes, J.S. Heslop-Harrison
    Developments in Electron Microscopy
    General Precautions for Electron Microscopy
    The Specimen
    DNA:DNA In Situ Hybridization
    Quantification and Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Images from Serial Sections
    Transfer of Spread Chromosome Preparations from Slides to Electron Microscope
    Developments and Conclusions
    Analysis of Chromosome Information, K. Fukui and S. Nakayama
    Historical Perspective of Imaging Plant Chromosomes
    Concept of Image Analyses
    Instrumentation and Software
    Appendix I: Buffer Solutions
    Appendix II: Tissue Culture Media


    Kiichi Fukui, Shigeki Nakayama