1st Edition

Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution, Vol. 1, Part E Phanerogams - Angiosperm

Edited By A K Sharma, A. Sharma Copyright 2008
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The coverage of this volume ranges from Cycads and Pines of Gymnosperms to monocot genera of significance in phylogeny, agri-horticulture and commerce. The previous volume (1C), dealt with dicot counterparts. Noteworthy features of the volume include molecular phylogeny of Cycads, correlation of genomics and micro habitat in Pinus, genome studies in oil and datepalm, correlation of molecular data with habit in orchids, congruence of karyotype and molecular data in Festuca and analysis of putative ancestors in Avena. The volume will be of interest to all students of genomics interested in phylogeny, agri-horticulture and commercial plants.

    Repetitive DNA and Plant Evolution: M. Ceccarelli, V. Sarri and P.G. Cionini
    Evolution and Phylogenetic Relationship of the Rice Genome: A.K. Tyagi,J.P. Khurana, P. Khurana, S. Vij, M. Jain and V. Ravi
    Genome Organization and Evolution in Genus Quercus (Fagaceae): Special Attention to Two European White Oaks Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. and Q. robur L.: Vlatka Zoldos Pecnik
    Biodiversity and Evolution of Castanea: Fenny Dane and Ping Lang
    Cytogenetic and Molecular Evidences on the Evolutionary Relationships among Arachis Species: Graciela I. Lavia, Aveliano Fernandez and Jose Guillermo Seijo
    Biodiversity, Genetic Enhancement and Molecular Approaches in Lentil: Michael Baum,Aladdin Hamwieh, Bonnie Furman, A. Sarker and William Erskine
    Phylogenetic Relationships of the Genus Phlox (Polemoniaceae): Comparing and Combining Data Sets from the Chloroplast Genome: Carolyn J. Ferguson,Shannon D. Fehlberg, Kristen A. Ford and Suzanne C. Strakosh
    Genus Silene (Caryophyllaceae)
    Evolutionary Div


    A K Sharma (Edited by)