Plant Responses to the Environment  book cover
1st Edition

Plant Responses to the Environment

ISBN 9780849382635
Published July 23, 1993 by CRC Press
208 Pages

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Book Description

Plant Responses to the Environment covers the fundamental mechanisms of plant responses to biotic and abiotic environmental stimuli. By combining established disciplines like physiology and genetics with new approaches stemming from molecular biology and biophysics, a new synthesis is achieved. For example, this book deals with the effects of microgravity on plant development, and it provides an extensive analysis of plant perception and response to low oxygen and high ozone. New techniques such as those used for gene transfer using the biolistic gene gun approach in soybeans are described. Other topics considered include systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in plants and recent advances in understanding how legume roots perceive bacterial lipooligosaccharide signals. A glossary, subject index, and author index are also provided.
Plant Responses to the Environment will be a valuable reference for plant physiologists, ecophysiologists, agronomists, plant molecular biologists, experimental botanists, and other researchers interested in the topic.

Table of Contents

The Molecular Biology of Systemic Acquired Resistance (S. Uknes, K. Lawton, E. Ward, T. Gaffney, L. Friedrich, D. Alexander, R. Goodman, J.-P. Metraux, H. Kessmann, P.A. Goy, M.G. Rella, and J. Ryals). Alcohol dehydrogenases (Adh) Genes and Their Expression in Higher Plants: Maize and Petunia (J. Strommer, R.G. Gregerson, E. Foster, and S. Huang). Soybean Transformation to Study Molecular Physiology (J.E. Bond and P.M. Gresshoff). Rhizobium Lipo-Oligosaccharides; Novel Plant Growth Regulators (G. Stacey, J. Sanjuan, H. Spaink, T. van Brussel, B.J.J. Lugtenberg, J. Glushka, and R.W. Carlson). Plant Response to the Microgravity Environment of Space (R.L. Schaefer, G.C. Jahns, and D. Reiss-Bubenheim). Air Pollution and Plant Gene Expression (A. Bahl, S.M. Loitsch, and G. Kahl). Lotus japonicus: A Model Plant for Structure-Function Analysis in Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation (Q. Jiang and P.M. Gresshoff). Developmental Biology of the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Mastigocladus laminosus (S.E. Stevens and W. Hernandez-Muniz). Mechanisms of Salt Tolerance in Cyanobacteria (R. Gabbey-Azaria and E. Tel-Or). Field Testing Transgenic Crops (J.E. Brandle). Role of Abscisic Acid in Plant Responses to the Environment (M. Luo, R.D. Hill, and S.S. Mohapatra). Glossary. Index.

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