1st Edition

Play Up and Play the Game The Heroes of Popular Fiction

By Patrick Howarth Copyright 1973

    Play Up and Play the Game (1973) examines the type of fictional hero most embodied in the work and character, poetry and philosophy of Sir Henry Newbolt. ‘Newbolt Man’, imbued with the spirit of fairplay, loyalty, fearlessness, conformity (while remaining slightly philistine and sexless), can be traced in the work of Rider Haggard, Conan Doyle, Edgar Wallace, Anthony Hope and P.C. Wren. The book traces his development from the Victorian schoolboy (Tom Brown’s School Days and Kipling) to the twentieth-century secret agent (Buchan’s Richard Hannay), and on to his demise in Sheriff’s Journey’s End and Aldington’s Death of a Hero.

    Introduction – The Nature of Newbolt Man.  1. Christian Socialism and Muscular Christianity  2. Penny Dreadfuls and the Ballantyne Boy  3. Schoolboy Story Heroes  4. Boy Heroes and Imperial History  5. Newbolt Man and the Historical Novels of Adventure  6. White Man’s Burden  7. Detectives, Secret Agents and Demobilized Officers  8. The Aftermath of War  9. Newbolt Man: Reality and Summary


    Patrick Howarth