1st Edition

Playing Sick?
Untangling the Web of Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, Malingering, and Factitious Disorder

ISBN 9780415949347
Published June 3, 2004 by Routledge
318 Pages

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Book Description

Taken from bizarre cases of real patients, Playing Sick? is the first book to chronicle the devastating impact of phony illnesses--factitious disorders and Munchausen syndrome--on patients and caregivers alike. Based on years of research and clinical practice, Playing Sick? provides the clues that can help practitioners and family members recognize these disorders, avoid invasive procedures, and sort out the motives that drive people to hurt themselves and deceive others. With insight and years of hands-on experience, Feldman shows how to get these emotionally ill patients the psychiatric help they need.

Table of Contents

Gregory, Forewod. Preface. Acknowledgements. Hamilton, Introduction. Dying for Attention. Disease or Deception? An Overview of the Issues. Pseudologia Fantastica: Lies Larger Than Life. Invading the Body: The Enemy Within. Feverish Ploys. Out of Control: When the Ruse Becomes Real. False Accusations and the Girl Who Cried "Wolf". Drawing Back the Curtains: The Motives Behind the Madness. Mental Masquerades. Munchausen by Proxy: When Factitious Disorder Becomes Abuse. Munchausen by Proxy II: After Detection. Cyber-Deception: Virtual Factitious Disorder and Munchausen by Internet. People Who Care: The Casualties of Deception. Conscience, Ethics, and the Law. Detection and Diagnosis. Healing: Intervention and Treatment. Selected Readings. Selected Websites. Index.

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"Marc Feldman's advocacy and educational writing on MBP is fresh, personable and impassioned. That such a collection of information has been brought together in one successful book is a benefit and gift to anyone needing to understand why another would play sick." -- Julie Gregory, author of Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood

"In this masterful and unprecedented book, Dr. Marc Feldman has captured the essence of feigned illness and the underlying motivations for assuming the sick role. The origins and impact of 'playing sick' are clearly depicted with practical advice for those affected and a sensible approach to healing." -- David G. Folks, Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Nebraska at Omaha