1st Edition

Police and Public Order in Europe

Edited By John Roach, Jürgen Thomaneck Copyright 1985

    Originally published in 1985, Police and Public Order in Europe examines the development of the police in Western Europe and considers how police functions have changed over time. Each contributor looks at the experience of one country while having regard to the practices of the other countries.

    The role of the police in maintaining public order had become increasingly important in the early 1980s. The activities of terrorists from both Left and Right in Italy, Spain and West Germany and the IRA in Great Britain had long been a focus of attention. However, in many ways a more disturbing phenomenon was the increase in the general level of popular unrest which had produced considerable rioting and looting in British cities as well as often violent confrontation between the police and an increasing range of protesters in other European countries. These events received wide media coverage at the time and the issue of public order was one of growing concern for governments, the police and the public. The role of the police in Western Europe was now firmly political.

    Contributors.  Acknowledgements.  Introduction.  1. Brixton and After The Rt. Hon. The Lord Scarman, O.B.E.  2. Police and the Social Order John C. Alderson, C.B.E.  3. The British Police System: With Special Reference to Public Order Problems Frank E. C. Gregory  4. The Civil Power and Aiding the Civil Power: The Case of Ireland Trevor C. Salmon  5. The French Police John Roach  6. Police and Public Order in the Federal Republic of Germany Jurgen Thomaneck  7. The Blunt Instruments: Italy and the Police Richard O. Collin  8. The Police System of Spain Iain R. Macdonald  9. The Police in Sweden Clive Archer  10. European Police Cooperation Paul Wilkinson.  Index.


    John Roach and Jürgen Thomaneck