1st Edition

Political Economy in the Evolution of China's Urban–Rural Economic Relations

By Fan Gao Copyright 2022
    314 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book investigates the trajectory and evolutionary mechanisms of China’s urban–rural economic relationships, seeking to explore how a developing socialist country can attain sustainable development and common prosperity.

    Grounded in a deep literature review and a practical analysis of real-world conditions in China, the study challenges the dual economy theory of development economics that has prevailed in discussion of Chinese urban–rural economic relationships and puts forward an alternative analytical framework based on political economy. Considering the role political and social factors have played in China’s economic development since 1949, the author divides the evolution of China’s urban–rural economic relationship into two stages. In the first stage the relationship is seen to be a “separated” one, a situation that led to several repercussions; but the reform and opening-up of the late 1970s marked a turning point leading to a second stage featured by “imbalanced integration”. Through empirical research, the book analyses the momentum, economic effects, and problems of this turn, thereby envisaging an upgraded stage marked out by “collaborative integration”, integral to further economic development and a more prosperous society in all respects.

    The title will appeal to scholars and student studying political economy, urban–rural economic relationships, development economics, and the Chinese economy.

    1. Introduction 2. Literature Review 3. Political Economy Analytical Framework for China’s Urban-Rural Economic Relationship 4. Measurements and Evolutionary Stages of China’s Urban-Rural Economic Relationship 5. Formation and Performance of Separated Urban-Rural Economic Relationship in China 6. Imbalanced Integration: Urban-Rural Economic Relationship at the Beginning of Reform and Opening up 7. Manifestation and Forming Mechanism of Imbalanced Integration of Urban-Rural Economic Relationship 8. Main Economic Effects of Imbalanced Integration of Urban-Rural Economic Relationship 9. Collaborative Integration: China’s Urban-Rural Economic Relationship in the New Era 10. Conclusions and Prospects


    Fan Gao is Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Fudan University. He specializes in urban–rural dual economic structure transformation, agricultural economics, political economics, and development economics.