1st Edition

Political Systems Some Sociological Approaches

By H WISEMAN Copyright 1966

    First published in 1966, Political Systems provides an examination of political systems through a sociological approach. This comprehensive survey summarizes the theories of many of the most eminent and influential political scientists- Gabriel Almond, David Easton, Edward Shils, Seymour M. Lipset, Harry M. Johnson, T.B. Bottomore, James S. Coleman, Leonard Binder, Robert K. Merton, David Apter, to name a few.

    Beginning with the description of general concepts, Mr. Wiseman discusses political culture and the typologies of political systems; this is followed by a methodical examination of political systems, analyzed from a wide range of sociological aspects. An appraisal of political systems from the standpoint of economic and social development then leads to a final section devoted to a study of structural functional analysis. Authoritative, thorough, well documented and conveying complex theories with a clarity for which every reader will be grateful. This is a must read for students and scholars of political science, political sociology and sociology.

    Preface 1. Some General Concepts 2. Political Culture 3. Typologies of Political Systems 4. The Political System-I 5. The Political System-II 6. Economic and Social Development and the Political System 7. Structural Functional Analysis Select Bibliography Index


    H. V. Wiseman