1st Edition

Politics and the Airlines

By David Corbett Copyright 1965

    First Published in 1965 Politics and the Airlines looks into the making of airline policy in five countries, Australia, Britain, Canada, India, and the United States. It shows the part played by political parties, ministers, government departments, regulatory bodies, and the boards of management of airlines themselves. In four of the countries the major airlines are publicly owned and have been involved in the cut and thrust of political controversy between enthusiasts for public enterprise and their opponents. In those countries where publicly owned and privately owned airlines compete, the politics of the airlines industry are particularly interesting. Dr Corbett’s study of these mixed, regulated airlines industries deal with the subject in a new way and presents a general analysis. His analysis could equally well be applied to other industries which are at present constructed along the same lines.

    The discussion is presented against a background of the history of a fascinating industry and Dr Corbett maintains that the advantage of this form of industry lies in its political efficiency as much as in its attractions to consumers and employees. This is a must read for those interested in the history of aviation industry, public policy, and public administration.

    Preface 1. Civil Aviation before Nationalization 2. The Issue of Public Ownership 3. Nationalization: the Great Debate 4. Public v. Private Airlines 5. The Issue of the Public Corporation 6. The Means of Government Control 7. Competition and Regulation of Airlines in the United States 8. India’s International Airline: Enterprising Bureaucracy 9. Conclusions Index


    David Corbett