1st Edition

Polymer Blends and Polymer Composites


L. Ye

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ISBN 9780878497669
Published August 1, 1998 by CRC Press
230 Pages

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Book Description

Significant progress has been made in many areas of polymer blend and polymer matrix composite science and technology in recent years.

This volume comprises a selection of refereed papers presented at an international workshop on polymer blends and polymer composites.

The aim of the workshop was two-fold: to serve as a forum for presentations and discussions on the state-of-the-art in polymer blends and polymer composites; to look at the future of these unique materials.

This mission was accomplished. The forum also provided research engineers and scientists from around the globe an opportunity to explore innovative applications and new directions for these materials.

Polymer Blends and Polymer Composites covers 30 different topics, from the recycling of carbon fiber/peek composites to the strength of RTM single lap joints.

Table of Contents

Processing and Manufacturing

Recycling of Carbon Fiber/Peek Composite; Morphology Control of Vinyl Ester/SEBS Blends with Ultrafine Inorganic Particles; Knitted Fabric Reinforced Flexible Composite Materials; Tailored Thermoplastic Composites Based on New Hybrid Yarns; Stress Analysis of Composite/Ceramic Tube Subjected to Shrink Fit, Internal Pressure and Temperature Differences; Effect of Newly Developed Blank Holder on Press Forming of Glass-Cloth Reinforced Thermo-Plastic Sheet; Properties of Blends of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) and a Copolyester of PBT and P-Acetoxybenzoic Acid

Structure-Property Relationships

Effect of Rubber Functionality on Mechanical and Fracture Properties of Impact Modified Nylon 6,6/Polypropylene Blends; Studies on In Situ Composites from Blending a Commercial PBT/PC/IM Alloy with a Liquid Crystalline Polymer; Analytical and Finite Element Modeling of Elastic Behavior of Plain-Weft Knitted Fabric Reinforced Composites; Analysis of Surface Mechanical Properties of Polymer Blend Ultrathin Films by Scanning Force Microscopy; Studies of Silicone Rubber/Montmorillonite Hybrid Composites; Tribological Properties and Morphology of Polyamide/Polyolefin Blends; Effects of Distribution of PPE and Interface between Two Phases on Fluidity, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of PS/PPE/AS Alloy; Surface Modification of Polymer by Ion Assisted Reaction

Damage Mechanics and Characterization

The Effects of Triaxial Constraint on Toughening Mechanisms of Rubber-Modified Epoxy System; Study on Cause of Internal Damage of Drilled GFRP (In Case of Small Diameter Drilling of Plain Woven Cloth); Damage Evaluation of Notched Plates of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polycarbonate; Thermoelastic Characterization on Damage Progress in Toughened Resin Carbon Fiber Fabric Composite

Fracture and Fatigue

Fatigue Analyses of Short Glass Fibre-Reinforced Nylon 6 on the Basis of Dynamic Viscoelastic Measurements under Cyclic Fatigue; Peel Strength of Aluminum Laminate Bonded with Various Crystalline Polymer Blends; Fatigue Failure Mechanism of Belt-Cords; Influence of Mesoscopic Factor on Fatigue Reliability of Recycled Advanced Reinforced Plastics; Mode I and II Fracture of Rubber Modified Brittle Epoxies; Effort of Interleaf Thickness of Mode II Fatigue Delamination Growth of Interleaved Carbon/Epoxy

Toughening and Strengthening Mechanisms

Strength of RTM Single Lap Joints with Transverse Stitching; Mechanical Properties of Composite Resin for Bone Cement and Stress Analysis of Bone Cement in THR; Interfacial Effect of Urethane Film Fortmer for Glass Fiber in Polycarbonate and Polypropylene Composites; Effects of Compatibilizer on the Physical Properties of PP/EPDM; Phase Structure and Toughness of Silicone-Modified Epoxy Resin with Added Aramid-Silicone Block Copolymer

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