Polymeric Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Polymeric Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems

1st Edition

Edited by Raphael M. Ottenbrite, Sung Wan Kim

CRC Press

328 pages

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pub: 2000-12-31
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Polymeric materials are now playing an increasingly important role in pharmaceuticals, as well as in sensing devices, in situ prostheses and probes, and microparticle diagnostic agents. This new volume consists of twenty-two recent research-based reports on the developments in these areas of pharmaceutical and biomaterials technology. The reports were prepared by top scientists in the field and are based on current research conducted at leading laboratories in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia.

These 22 chapters report the latest information in the application of polymers to biological systems.


"The book contains 22 chapters and covers a very wide range of topics. With a few exceptions, these contributions are from leaders in the field of drug delivery. The ideas and results presented are all extremely creative and interesting. This reviewer would recommend this book as it presents a broad selection of some very interesting directions that polymer drug delivery will be taking in the near future."

- Lisa Brannon-Peppas, PhD, The Department of Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents

Semitelechelic Poly[N-(2-hydroxypropyl)-methacrylamide] for Biomedical Applications, Zheng-Rong Lu, Pavla Kopeckova and Jindrich Kopecek

Thermoresponsive Polymeric Micelles for Double Targeted Drug Delivery, J.E. Chung and Teruo Okano

pH/Temperature-Sensitive Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery, Soon Hong Yuk, Sun Hang Cho, Sang Hoon Lee, Jung Ki Seo and Jin Ho Lee

Design of Polymeric Systems for Targeted Administration of Peptide and Protein Drugs, Emo Chiellini, Elisabetta E. Chiellini, Federica Chiellini and Roberto Solaro

Drug Release from Ionic Drugs from Water-Insoluble Drug-Polyion Complex Tablets, Nandini Konar and Cherng-ju Kim

Polychelating Amphiphilic Polymers (PAP) as Key Components of Microparticulate Diagnostic Agents, V. P. Torchilin

Bioconjugation of Biodegradable Poly(lactic/glycolic acid) to Protein, Peptide, and Anti-Cancer Drug: An Alternative Pathway for Achieving Controlled Release from Micro- and Nanoparticles, Tae Gwan Park

Elastin-Mimetic Protein Networks Derived from Chemically Crosslinked Synthetic Polypeptides, R. Andrew McMillan and Vincent P. Conticello

Genetically Engineered Protein Domains as Hydrogel Crosslinks, Chun Wang, Russell J. Stewart and Jindrich Kopecek

Superporous Hydrogel Composites: A New Generation of Hydrogels with Fast Swelling Kinetics, High Swelling Ratio and High Mechanical Strength, Kinam Park, Jun Chen, and Haesun Park

Structure and Solute Size Exclusion of Poly(methacrylic acid)/ Poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) Interpenetrating Polymeric Networks, Jing Zhang and Nicholas A. Peppas

Thermodynamics of Water Sorption in Hyaluronic Acid and Its Derivatives, P. A. Netti, L. Ambrosio and L. Nicolais

Photocrosslinked Polyanhydrides with Controlled Hydrolytic Degradation, Amy K. Burkoth and Kristi S. Anseth

Novel Cytokine-Inducing Macromolecular Glycolipids from Gram-Positive Bacteria, Masahito Hashimoto, Yasuo Suda, Yoshimasa Imamura, Jun-ichi Yasuoka, Kazue Aoyama, Toshihide Tamura, Shozo Kotani, and Shoichi Kusumoto

Hydrophobe Modified Cationic Polysaccharides for Topical Microbicide Delivery, G.L. Brode, Gustavo F. Doncel and John E. Kemnitzer

Novel Antimicrobial N-Halamine Polymer Coatings, S.D. Worley, M. Eknoian, J. Bickert and J.F. Williams

Design of Macromolecular Prodrug of Cisplatin Attached to Dextran through Coordinate Bond, Tatsuro Ouchi, Mitsuo Matsumoto, Tatsunori Masunaga, Yichi Ohya, Katsurou Ichinose, Mikirou Nakashima, Masataka Ichikawa and Takashi Kanematsu

Synthesis of Linear and Hyperbranched Stereoregular Aminopolysaccharides by Oxazoline Glycosylation, Jun-ichi Kadokawa, Hideyuki Tagaya and Koji Chiba

Diameter and Diameter Distributions of Poly(L-lactide) Microspheres by Ring-Opening Polymerization of L-Lactide and from Earlier Synthesized Polymers, Stanley Slomkowski and Stanley Sosnowski

Examination of Fluorescent Molecules as in situ Probes of Polymerization Reactions, Francis W. Wang and Deborah G. Sauder

Self-Etching, Polymerization-Initiating Primers for Dental Adhesion, Chetan A. Khatri, Joseph M. Antonucci and Gary E. Schumacher

Bioactive Polymeric Composites Based on Hybrid Amorphous Calcium Phosphates, Joseph M. Antonucci, Drago Skrtic, Arthur W. Hailer and Edward D. Eanes

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