1st Edition

Population and the Social Problem

By J. Swinburne Copyright 1924

    Originally published in 1924 and inevitably a product of the time in which it was published, the author assumes that people exercise their powers of reproduction near to capacity. The book views this pressure on population as a social problem, the fundamental cause of human and social challenges. Solutions such as a tax on children, public education and a laissez faire economic order are all suggested.

    1.De Cuniculis 2. The Principles of Population 3. Causes of General Ignorance 4. Object of this Book 5. Population Pressure 6. Wealth and Its Distribution 7. Civilisation and Population 8. Capital and Labour 9. Profit Sharing 10. Trade Unions 11. The Raid on Wealth 12. Nationality and Isolation 13. War 14. The Prevention of War 15. Political Economists and Population 16. Government 17. Women 18. Doles 19. The Rights of Man 20. Socialism 21. What Holds the World Back? 22. Limitation of Families 13. The Future.


    J. Swinburne

    Reviews of the original edition of Population and the Social Problem:

    ‘This book is interesting not so much because of the information it contains, but because of the man it reveals…It is pungent with the human flavor of an original and inquiring mind, and of an irascible yet kindly disposition.’ The New York Times.

    ‘The book is quite as entertaining as the average novel, and vastly more informative.’ Sunday Times.