Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology: Volume Ii (Acquisition eBook) book cover

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology

Volume Ii

Edited by Gregory A. Kimble, C. Alan Boneau, Michael Wertheimer

© 1996 – Psychology Press

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A major aim of the books in this series is to promote psychology's appreciation of the neglected giants in its history. The chapters document the significance of these early contributions, many of them made more than a century ago.

Most of the chapters are revisions of invited addresses delivered at psychological conventions. Several of the authors are students, colleagues, or offspring of their pioneers and all of them are intrigued by the life and work of the psychologists about whom they have written. All of the portraits are informal; on occasion, even humorous. Some are "impersonations"--telling stories in what were or might have been the pioneer's own words.

This book provides source materials for teachers of undergraduate courses in psychology--particularly the history of psychology--who want to add a personal view in their lectures and offer interesting readings for their students. Each of the five volumes in this series contains different profiles thereby bringing more than 100 of the pioneers in psychology more vividly to life.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Portraits of the Authors and Editors. H.E. Adler, Gustav Theodor Fechner: A German Gelehrter. W. Viney, Dorothea Dix: An Intellectual Conscience for Psychology. G.A. Kimble, Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov: Pioneer in Russian Reflexology. D.F. Barone, John Dewey: Psychologist, Philosopher, and Reformer. P. McReynolds, Lightner Witmer: Father of Clinical Psychology. J.T. Lamiell, William Stern: More Than "The IQ Guy." D.A. Dewsbury, Robert M. Yerkes: A Psychobiologist With a Plan. R. Perloff, J.L. Naman, Lillian Gilbreth: Tireless Advocate for a General Psychology. L.T. Benjamin, Jr., Harry Hollingworth: Portrait of a Generalist. P. Prenzel-Guthrie, Edwin Ray Guthrie: Pioneer Learning Theorist. D. Thompson, Carl Murchison: Psychologist, Editor and Entrepreneur. E.E. Doll, Edgar A. Doll: A Career of Research and Application. S. Feather, Joseph Banks Rhine: A Daughter's Perspective. M.J. Wright, William Emet Blatz: A Canadian Pioneer. D.B. King, L.M. Montañez-Ramírez, M. Wertheimer, Barbara Stoddard Burks: Pioneer Behavioral Geneticist and Humanitarian. S.E. Glickman, Donald Olding Hebb: Returning the Nervous System to Psychology. E.S. Reed, James J. Gibson: Pioneer and Iconoclast. J.L. Brown, Clarence Graham: A Reminiscence. D.A. Dewsbury, Paul Harkai Schiller: The Influence of His Brief Career. I.E. Alexander, Silvan S. Tomkins: The Heart of the Matter. T. Blass, Stanley Milgram: A Life of Inventiveness and Controversy.

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