1st Edition

Positive Self-Identity for the Successful Teenage Learner A Programme or Work

By Joost Drost Copyright 1999
    by Speechmark

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    Using a narrative approach, teenagers are challenged to learn about themselves, about each other and about how to take control of their lives. The learning is presented in a series of lessons with comprehensive facilitator instructions and materials designed to engage teenagers in both group and individual activities. A story and characters provide a full range of emotions, from the overwhelming feelings of angst and anger to empathy, friendship support and happiness. The material complements the secondary SEAL agenda. A comprehensive guide will help the facilitator to capture the student's emotional world and turn their energies into meaningful and constructive projects. It also provides students with tools to practice and develop their emotional and social intelligence.

    Acknowledgement, Introduction, Positive Self-Identity for the Successful Teenager Learner, Structure of this Book, How to use this Book, The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning: An Overview, Adolescence, a Predictable Crisis, Prepare Yourself, Notes of Caution, Evaluation, Sources of Inspiration, The Programme, Chapter One: The Beginning, Chapter Two: Cutting Loose, Chapter Three: The Storm, Chapter Four: Looking Back, Chapter Five: The Fight, Chapter Six: Silent Island, Chapter Seven: Poems in the Sand, Chapter Eight: Preparing to Set Sail, Chapter Nine: The World of People, Chapter Ten: Zillions of Candle Lights, Chapter Eleven: My Little One, Chapter Twelve: The Sloshed Pirate, Chapter Thirteen: Drawing a Silver Line, Chapter Fourteen: Rafts and Anchors, Chapter Fifteen: Coming to Port, Appendices


    Joost Drost