1st Edition

Post-Pandemic Economic and Social Development Recovery, Challenges, and Policy in Malaysia

    246 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores Malaysia’s experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, analysing the profound economic and societal challenges faced from 2020 to 2021.

    The coverage of Malaysia’s post-pandemic recovery provides valuable insights into ongoing global issues. Contributors to this book address a wide range of topics, including unemployment, monetary and trade policies, tourism, human capital development, and women's labor participation. They also examine the rise of the gig economy, poverty alleviation efforts, and social safety nets. By presenting model applications and empirical research, the book offers data-driven policy advice to handle challenges that arise from pandemics, such as rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, disparities and sustainability issues.

    This book will interest academics and researchers in the field of econometrics, Asian economics and Malaysian studies. It will also act as a useful guide for NGOs, practitioners, public administrators, and economic policymakers involved in post-COVID-19 economic revival and policy development.

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    1 Malaysia's Population and Human Resources Post Covid-19 Pandemic

       Tey Nai Peng and Lai Siow Li

    2 Promoting Sustainable Healthcare Financing in Malaysia

       Ong Sheue Li

    3 Determinants of the COVID-19 Death Rate using Machine Learning  

       Diana Abdul Wahab and Shariff Abu Bakar Sarip Abidinsa

    4 Utilizing Mathematical Modeling in Policy Development:

       Insights from the SIR Model for Managing COVID-19 in Malaysia

       Hannun Eiadila Yaacob, Adilah Abdul Ghapor, and Maria Ismail

    5 The Poverty Conundrum and Pandemic Poor in Malaysia

        Muhamad Hilmi Abdul Rahman, Azmah Othman, and Yong Zulina Zubairi

    6 The Economics of Social Protection Program During Covid-19 Pandemic among the Urban Poor in Permatang Pauh, Malaysia

        Fatimah Kari, Nurulhuda Mohd Satar, and Peter Aning Tedong

    7 Gig Economy Workers: Challenges Pandemic to Endemic

        Nurhidayah Abdullah, Elya Nabila Abdul Bahri, and Nur Farzana Md Yusof

    8 Female Labor Force Participation and Work-Life Balance During COVID-19 in Malaysia

        Elya Nabila Abdul Bahri and Tong Sheau Kei

    9 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Malaysia’s Macroeconomic Variables during COVID-19

       Mohamed Aslam Gulam Hassan and Liew San Yee

    10 Assessing the Impact of Government Fiscal Policies on Inflation-Unemployment Dynamics in Malaysia’s Transition to Endemic COVID-19: An NARDL Approach

         Goh Lim Thye

    11 Lessons of COVID-19 and Trade Outlook – Rethinking Trade Policy in Malaysia

         Evelyn S. Devadason

    12 Post-COVID Tourism Transition Opportunity Suggestions by Modeling and Forecasting Tourist Arrivals into Malaysia

         Mohammad Zhafran Azharudin and Ahmad Farid Osman  

    13 Final Perspectives: Charting the Path to Malaysia Post-Pandemic Economic and Social Development

          Muzalwana binti Abdul Talib @ Abdul Mutalib


    Muzalwana Abdul Talib is a senior lecturer in Decision Science at Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

    Ahmad Farid Osman is a senior lecturer in Decision Science at Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

    Elya Nabila Abdul Bahri is a senior lecturer in Economics at Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.