1st Edition

Postgraduate Medical Education and Training A Guide for Primary and Secondary Care

By Anne Hastie, Ian Hastie, Neil Jackson Copyright 2005
    190 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This is an exploration of how the higher functions of the brain can be investigated, evaluated and, possibly, explained. A central theme throughout the book is rationality, since issues requiring rational evaluation confront many people everyday though emotional factors are often more influential in determining action. The book looks at various questions: is it possible to understand what is going on in someone else's mind?; why do people who are known very well often react irrationally, in a totally different way to what is expected?; what are emotions, beliefs, feelings and desire? Throughout, episodes from history involving famous artists and politicians are used - Gladstone and Lincoln, Bach and Graupner, Austen and Dickens - all providing useful examples to illustrate how rationality can provide an insight into the feeling self.

    Historical background of deaneries as NHS organizations. Organisations involved in postgraduate medical education and training. Training in the new NHS. Teaching the teachers in primary care. Teaching the teachers in secondary care. Induction. Career counseling. Recruitment to training posts. Human rights and equal opportunities in training. E-learning. Higher professional education for new GPs. Attracting doctors into the NHS. Return to medicine. Educational schemes to retain qualified GPs. Managing the trainee doctor in difficulty. Deanery performance work in primary care. Assessment. Mentoring. Life long learning. General practitioners with specialist interest. Medical ethics. The future.


    Anne Hastie, Ian Hastie, Neil Jackson