1st Edition

Potassium Channels And Their Modulators From Synthesis To Clinical Experience

By John M Evans Copyright 1996

    Potassium ions K+ ions are vital in physiological processes, particularly with regard to the cardiovascular system. Modulators influence the channels through which these ions flow and the research into modulator drugs of these channels is the subject of rapidly-advancing research. This work is intended to be of use as a tool for those working in th

    The synthesis and chemistry of benzopyran and related potassium channel activators, D.G. Smith; SAR of benzopyran potassium channel activators, J.M. Evans and G. Stemp; synthesis and SAR of pyridine-based potassium channel activators, M.N. Palfreyman; conformational studies of potassium channel activators, C. Edge; synthesis and SAR of potassium channel blockers, R. Crossley and A. Opalko; molecular biology of potassium channels, R. Latorre; electrophysiology of potassium channels, P.I. Aaronson and C.D. Benham; vascular effects of potassium channel activators - in vitro, U. Quast; vascular effects of potassium channel activators - in vivo, J.C. Clapham; cardiac potassium channel modulation - potential for antiarrhythmic therapy, M.C. Sanguinetti and J. Salata; cardiac effects of potassium channel modulators - anti-ischaemic, G. Gross; potassium channel activators - airway pharmacology and bronchial asthma, J.R.S. Arch; potassium channel modulators and the pancreas, J. Dunne; potassium channel activators and the genitourinary tract, A.F. Brading and W.H. Turner; potassium channel activators and the CNS, H. Herdon and N. Upton; potassium channel modulators - clinical experiences and future prospects, J. Colatsky and T.C. Hamilton.


    John M Evans