1st Edition

Powder Technology Handling and Operations, Process Instrumentation, and Working Hazards

Edited By Hiroaki Masuda, Ko Higashitani, Hideto Yoshida Copyright 2007
    412 Pages
    by CRC Press

    410 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Drawing from the third edition of the bestselling Powder Technology Handbook, this book concentrates on handling methods and unit operations for powder and particle processing techniques. Itexamines the purpose and factors involved in each process—including planning, equipment, measurements, and other necessary considerations. This book carefully incorporates the progressive work and vision of new authors while retaining the concepts that continue to promote innovative research and applications. In addition to detailing the purpose and implementation of processes including kneading, drying, filtration, and powder coating, the authors highlight recent developments in combustion and heating, electrostatic powder coating, and simulation. They also emphasize practical information including multipurpose equipment, instrumentation for key measurements, and modeling techniques. The text concludes with a review of recent data on the health effects of small particles and the types of protective devices that are currently available. Powder Technology: Handling and Operations, Process Instrumentation, and Working Hazards offers material scientists and chemical engineers a well-rounded guide to utilizing particle and powder processes for a rapidly expanding array of applications.

    POWDER HANDLING AND OPERATIONS Crushing and Grinding; TClassification; Storage (Silo); Feeding; Transportation; Mixing; Slurry Conditioning; Granulation; Kneading and Plastic Forming; Drying; Combustion; Dust Collection; Electrostatic Separation; Magnetic Separation; Gravity Thickening; Filtration; Expression; Flotation; Electrostatic Powder Coating; Multipurpose Equipment; Simulation; PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION Powder Sampling; Particle Sampling in Gas Flow; Concentration and Flow Rate Measurement.Level Measurement of a Powder Bed; Temperature Measurement of Powder; On-Line Measurement of Moisture Content; Tomography; WORKING ATMOSPHERES AND HAZARDS Health Effects Due to Particle Matter; and Respiratory Protective Devices for Particulate Matter; ISpontaneous Ignition and Dust Explosion;


    Hiroaki Masuda, Ko Higashitani, Hideto Yoshida