3rd Edition

Power Systems

Edited By Leonard L. Grigsby Copyright 2012
    568 Pages
    by CRC Press

    568 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Power Systems, Third Edition (part of the five-volume set, The Electric Power Engineering Handbook) covers all aspects of power system protection, dynamics, stability, operation, and control. Under the editorial guidance of L.L. Grigsby, a respected and accomplished authority in power engineering, and section editors Andrew Hanson, Pritindra Chowdhuri, Gerry Sheblé, and Mark Nelms, this carefully crafted reference includes substantial new and revised contributions from worldwide leaders in the field. This content provides convenient access to overviews and detailed information on a diverse array of topics.

    Concepts covered include:

    • Power system analysis and simulation

    • Power system transients

    • Power system planning (reliability)

    • Power electronics

    Updates to nearly every chapter keep this book at the forefront of developments in modern power systems, reflecting international standards, practices, and technologies. New sections present developments in small-signal stability and power system oscillations, as well as power system stability controls and dynamic modeling of power systems.

    With five new and 10 fully revised chapters, the book supplies a high level of detail and, more importantly, a tutorial style of writing and use of photographs and graphics to help the reader understand the material.

    New chapters cover:

    • Symmetrical Components for Power System Analysis

    • Transient Recovery Voltage

    • Engineering Principles of Electricity Pricing

    • Business Essentials

    • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy

    A volume in the Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Third Edition

    Other volumes in the set:

    Part I: Power System Analysis and Simulation

    A.P. Hanson

    The Per-Unit System. Symmetrical Components for Power System Analysis. Power Flow Analysis. Fault Analysis in Power Systems. Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems.


    Part II: Power System Transients

    P. Chowdhuri

    Characteristics of Lightning Strokes. Overvoltages Caused by Direct Lightning Strokes. Overvoltages Caused by Indirect Lightning Strokes. Switching Surges. Very Fast Transients. Transmission System Transients: Grounding. Transient Recovery Voltage. Surge Arresters. Insulation Coordination.


    Part III: Power System Planning (Reliability)

    G.B. Sheblé

    Planning Environments. Short-Term Load and Price Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks. Transmission Plan Evaluation: Assessment of System Reliability. Power System Planning. Power System Reliability. Probabilistic Methods for Planning and Operational Analysis. Engineering Principles of Electricity Pricing. Business Essentials.


    Part IV: Power Electronics

    R.M. Nelms

    Power Semiconductor Devices. Uncontrolled and Controlled Rectifiers. Inverters. Active Filters for Power Conditioning. FACTS Controllers. Power Electronics for Renewable Energy.


    Leonard L. Grigsby is Professor Emeritus at Auburn University.