Power and Energy: Proceedings of the International Conference on Power and Energy (CPE 2014), Shanghai, China, 29-30 November 2014, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Power and Energy

Proceedings of the International Conference on Power and Energy (CPE 2014), Shanghai, China, 29-30 November 2014, 1st Edition

Edited by Richard Kong

CRC Press

492 pages

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Power and Energy contains 86 selected papers from the International Conference on Power and Energy (CPE 2014, Shanghai, China, 29-30 November 2014), and presents a wide range of topics:

- Energy management, planning and policy-making

- Energy technologies and environment

- Energy prospects

- Conventional and renewable power generation

- Power system management

- Power transmission and distribution

- Smart Grid Technologies

Power and Energy will be useful to professionals and academics interested in issues related to power and energy.

Table of Contents


Organizing committee

Power system

The application of Trend Point Model in short-term wind power forecasting

F. Lan, X. Jiang, M. Yang, X.H. He & J. Hu

Comprehensive analysis of multiple Hidden Failures in protection system with the context of N-k contingency

G. Sun & J.Y. Chen

Load balancing optimization of parallel Monte-Carlo probabilistic load flow calculation based on OpenMP

F. Lu, Y.Z. Li, S.L. Lu, B.H. Zhang, X.K. Dai & J.L. Wu

A new fast screening method of multiple contingencies 23

J. Hu, D.H. You, C. Long, Y. Zou, Q.R. Chen, W.H. Chen, L.L. Pan & P. X

The comprehensive evaluation method of high wind power penetration transmission grid based on maximum entropy criterion

H.B. Li, Z.X. Lu, Y. Qiao, H. Huang & Y. Wang

A way to select weights for bus power injection measurements in WLS state estimation

Y.B. Yao, Z.L. Wu & D. Wang

Research on the delay calculation method of partial discharge source localization

M. Chen, J. Chen & J. Lu

Research on hydropower generator group equivalence and parameter identification based on PSASP calling and optimization algorithm

H.B. Shi, B.W. Hu & J.T. Sun

Fast arc fault detection based on the arc resistance model

F. Du, W.G. Chen, Z. Liu, Y. Zhuo & M. Anheuser

Characteristic spectrum analysis on joint detection of PD in switchgear

Z.J. Jia, F. Liu, D.G. Gan, Y. Liu & B. Zhang

Implementing network topology by multiplication of vector and matrix

Y.B. Yao, Z.L. Wu & D. Wang

Wavelet analysis based PEMFC fault diagnosis

X. Jia, N. Wang & S. Zhou

Research on coarse-grained parallel algorithm of the Monte-Carlo simulation for probabilistic load flow calculation

Z.K. Wei, J.F. Xu, X.K. Dai, B.H. Zhang, S.L. Lu & W.S. Deng

Fuzzy modeling and solution of load flow considering uncertainties of wind power

D.L. Wu, B.H. Zhang, J.L. Wu, K.M. Zhang, W.S. Deng, B.J. Jin, K. Wang & D. Zeng

Dynamic modeling and simulation of parallel operation of ship diesel generators

C.H. Li, Y.W. Dai, J.H. Chen & Z.F. Zhou

Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation for transmission grid planning based on combination weight

Z.H. Li, Y. Lin, W.H. Chen, D.H. You, G. Wang, M.L. Dong, Q.R. Chen, Y. Zou & J. Hu

Assistant decision-making method for distribution network planning based on TOPSIS and combination weight

Z.H. Li, Y. Lin, L. Xu, X.Y. Yang, J.S. Wu, W.H. Chen, K.M. Zhang & B.H. Zhang

Short-term wind power completing and forecasting based on Rough Set and BP neural network

Y.F. Zeng, B.H. Zhang, J.L. Wu, B.J. Jin, M. Li, S. Zhao, K. Wang & D. Zeng

Research on SVM-based ice thickness model of transmission lines

W.W. Yang, X.M. An, M.F. Wu, H.P. Zheng & S.Y. Song

A cloud automatic recognition method for PV power prediction

J.F. Che, S.L. Feng & B. Wang

A preventive control strategy for voltage stability using Electric Vehicles

C. Liu, J.H. Xu, F.J. Chi, H.F. Li, J. Tao, X.H. Dong & M.S. Wang

Condition evaluation and analysis of 110 kV and above SF6 circuit breakers

H. Zhang, A. Chang, J. Deng & Q. Wang

Exact acquisition of load dynamic characteristic data based on ELM

Z.S. Wang, K. Yu, X.Y. Liu, Y.P. Shi & S.R. Bian

Overview of the Automatic Test System of relay protection

J.J. Huang, L.A. Chen, Y. Liu & G. Li

A design of smart charger for ultracapacitors on electric vehicle

Y. Deng, G.B. Jiang, L.F. Wang & M. Jiang

DG output forecasting based on phase space reconstruction and one-rank local-region method

K. Peng, X.Y. Chen, C.N. Wang, Y.C. Liao & K. Yu

Modeling and simulation of ship power system

C.H. Li, Y.W. Dai, J.H. Chen & Y. Lu

An influence analysis method for renewable DG to distribution system

Q. Yang, X.Y. Kong, Y. Mu, S.L. Pang, N. Lu & J.H. Yan

Study on security benefits of power network index hierarchy and evaluation methods

Y.Z. Mu, Z.X. Lu, Y. Qiao, H. Huang & Y. Wang


Study on the questionnaire’s design of mine safety signs

S.B. Li, W. Jiang & Z.M. Zhu

Research on the policy guarantee for development of China’s low-carbon electricity

Y. Li & D. Yu

Investigating on supercritical heat cooling in transcritical CO2 cycle

Z. Li & W.G. Shi

Study on VSC based MTDC for offshore wind farms

H.Y. Huang, F.J. Peng, X.Y. Huang, A.D. Xu, J.Y. Lei, L. Yu & Z. Shen

Investigation on performance for the two stage transcritical CO2 cycle with injector

Y.B. Xie, T.J. Wang & H.B. Ji

Research on the impacts of DC-bias on the loss and temperature rise of the transformer

C.Y. Li & Y.K. Liu

Numerical simulation of pressure fluctuations in an axial-flow pump

X.J. Yu, C. Kang, G.F. Zhang, L.T. Li, W.F. Gong & C.J. Li

Stability analysis of wind farm connected power grid

Y.D. Zhang, H.C. Xu, T.Y. Wang & L.Y. Li

Emission characteristics of particulate matters from coal-fired power plant equipped with WFGD

Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, Z.J. Xie & W.B. Jia

Forecast output power of photovoltaic system based on grey system and BP neural network

W.P. Zhu, Z.C. Wang & X.D. Yuan

A programmed data-processing method for mapping energy allocation Sankey diagram of China

C. Chong, L.W. Ma, Z. Li, J. Geng & T.K. Zhang

Application and researches of Large Eddy Simulation of the low-level wind over complex terrain

S.L. Jin, S.L. Feng, B. Wang, J. Hu, Z.Q. Ma & Z.P. Song

Quality improvement of hydraulic servo equipment’s power supply system

J.H. Yang, Y.X. Ren, B. Li & B.X. Wang

Study on the influence of rain flush to insulator surface pollution layer conductivity and dynamic contamination accumulated

Y.H. Song & X.T. Huang

Individual blade pitch control design of wind turbine based on load optimization model

F. Lan, Z.H. Wang, M. Yang, X. Jiang, X.H. He & J. Hu

Research on the set point of feed water system of pressurized water reactor

H.R. Li, X.H. Yang, P. He & H.Z. Wu

The present situation of solar thermal power in China and its policy-thinking

W. Wang & A.H. Li

Application of a novel TD-LTE power private network at discrete narrow band

X.B. Wei, J.M. Zhang & Z. Shi

Effect of interfacial tension on viscous fingering patterns by DLA modelling

S.G. Qin, J.C. Wu & J.W. Yan

Intaglio printing press intelligent drying system design based on WinCE

Z.M. Luo, P. Cao & B. Zhang

Impacts of shale gas on the energy system in the United States

Q.Z. Zhao, H.K. Ding & B. Chen

Design of three-phase APFC circuit based on the average current mode

X.P. Huang, J. Wang, Q. Sun & G.T. Chen

Application of Monte Carlo method on heat transfer properties of gas

Y.B. Xie, J.W. Liu & J.Y. Chen

Optimization of fracturing damage mitigation agents for low permeability reservoir

S.L. Yao & D. Lin

Parameters optimization for Wu’an sintering waste heat power generation unit

Z. Li & W.G. Shi

Study on micro-grid inverters parallel control based on Virtual Synchronous Generator

Y.Q. Xu & H.J. Ma

Numerical simulation of aerothermodynamics performance deterioration of compressor with fouling

X. He & Y.H. Yu

Technical review on protection issues of the matrix converter

J. Taruna, U. Nikhil & D. Sakshi

The excitation control strategy of Doubly-Fed Wind Generator for smart grid infrastructure

H.H. Song, Y.B. Qu, D.H. Chu, S.M. Xu & H.P. Zhao

Desalination engineering ship based on tidal current energy generation device

Y. Ma, X.J. Tan, Y. Cao, X. Xu & L. An

Power and RF GaN transistors for flexible antennas

A. Timoshenko, A. Bakhtin & K. Tsarik


Field charging test on arresters applied in 1000 kV ultra-high voltage substation

C.C. Zhu & Z.W. Lin

A voltage stability index based on local branch measurement with good characteristics

S.N. Du, Y.F. Dong & S.Y. Ma

Using an open source platform to manage EHV substation protective relays

M.-Y. Cho, K. Hsieh & K.C. Wang

Review of grounding grids corrosion diagnosis methods using electromagnetic and ultrasonic guided wave

W.R. Si, C.Z. Fu, Q.Y. Lu, X. Guo, Z.B. Xu & J.H. Li

Wide-area signals time-delay STATCOM additional damping control for power system

F. Liu, W. Yan & M. Wu

Effect of hydrocyclone cylinder length on the separation performance

M. Liu, P. Liu, X.H. Yang & Y.K. Zhang

The research on transformer vibration model in winding insulation weakening fault diagnosis

P.F. Shen, C.N. Wang, K. Li, Y. Li, H.Z. Ma & Z.D. Zhang

Lightning zones map drawing based on statistic of lightning parameters for Shanghai power grid

W.R. Si, H. Ni, C.Z. Fu, Y.Q. Wang, A.F. Jiang & Z.C. Fu

A new dynamic electricity purchasing strategy for Load Serving Entity

Y.Z. Chen, F.S. Wen, Y. Yan & L.L. Wu

A gravure drying device of intelligent control system

B. Zhang, P. Cao & Z.M. Luo

Equivalent cross-section calculation of orthogonal magnetization reactor

Z.R. Jiang, S.W. Meng & X.D. Li

Power transformer fault diagnosis based on wavelet de-noising and HHT method of vibration signal

C.N. Wang, H.H. Xu, H.Z. Ma, Z.D. Zhang, H.T. Liu & Z.H. Geng

Study on a high efficiency coordinated control strategy for combined PV-Storage microgrid

F.J. Peng, H.Y. Huang, X.Y. Huang, A.D. Xu, L. Yu, Z. Shen & J.Y. Lei

Research on the sound source model of UHV shunt reactor

Y. Ni, B. Zhou, C.M. Pei & Z.H. Liu

Development of a leakage current on-line monitoring unit for arresters

C.N. Chen, H.C. Hsu & M.Y. Cho

Research on the influence of tip clearance on the aerodynamic performance of the turbine

S. Ma, Y.B. Liu & Y.J. Li

Research and application of the 750 kV AC voltage vehicle test platform

M. Chen, J. Chen, T. Wang, Y. Bai, H. Zhou & Q.Q. Zhou

Characteristics analysis of switching transient disturbance to secondary equipment

port of 1,000 kV substation 443

J.G. Zhang, J.J. He, J. Zhao, Y.M. Zhang & W.D. Zhang

Augmented node branch incidence matrix based back/forward sweep flow calculation

W.Y. Zhang, X.Y. Chen, H. Zhu, K. Yu & Y.C. Liao

Multi-thread parallel data integration for large-scale power grids

Y.F. Dong, S.N. Du, T. Mu, Y. Wang, J.X. Hou, Z.J. E & W.H. Zheng

Status and expectation of control & protection for Energy Internet

Q.P. Wang & J.Y. Wang

Lightning Detection and Location System for Shanghai Power Grid

Z. Yin, M.X. Lu, W.R. Si, C.Z. Fu, Q.Y. Lu, A.F. Jiang & Z.C. Fu

Persistence and development: China’s solar power generation for fifty years (from year 1958 to now)

L. Xia, S.B.Y. Huang & J. Hou

A hybrid fault processing scheme for active distribution network

Q.Z. Zhao, Y. Li, Y.J. Cao, B.R. Pan, J.B. Xin & R.X. Fan

Research of lighting trip-out rate model of transmission line

S.Y. Zhu, L. Wang & C. Wang

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