Practical Guide to Safety Leadership : An Evidence-Based Approach book cover
1st Edition

Practical Guide to Safety Leadership
An Evidence-Based Approach

ISBN 9781138209299
Published December 13, 2017 by Routledge
204 Pages

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Book Description

Leaders can shape an organisation through their behaviours and their vision. If an organisation lacks a clear vision or there is disengagement by the leadership team, then the results can be disastrous. In such circumstances change is needed. When change is needed, the value of safety can become a change agent. From the disciplines of leadership and safety comes the emerging topic of safety leadership. Through safety leadership, workplace challenges can be rectified and the desired behaviours reinforced.

These challenges can span from a lack of leadership engagement, poor safety performance, complacency or lack of safety ownership. Understanding how safety leadership differs from other leadership theories can give you a competitive edge which is not solely based upon financial quotas, but instead based upon the moral code of ensuring the health and well-being of your employees.

This book goes beyond mere safety slogans or anecdotal stories that relate to safety leadership. Instead an empirical and research-based approach will be shared which can help improve the overall culture of an organisation as well as the safety of employees. Tools, case studies, theories and practical applications will be shared which can help create the blueprint for organisational change that you seek. Even when things are working well, constant innovation and adoption of best practices can help companies go from good to great and leave a lasting legacy for employees and customers alike.

Detailing the mechanics of safety leadership, this book will drive the change and results you want.

Table of Contents

Introduction: cutting through the motherhood statements

Chapter 1: Defining Safety Leadership: making sure we are talking about the same thing

Empirical Definition of Safety Leadership

How Safety Leadership differs from other Leadership Models

Job Position and Influence on Safety Leadership

Case Study

Organisational and Personal Application


Chapter 2: Safety Leadership Behaviours: transforming the intangible to the tangible

Role of Behaviour-Based Safety

Specific Safety Leadership Behaviours

Adaptive Safety Leadership Behaviours

Personal Variables and Influences on Behaviour


Psychological Considerations

Environmental Considerations

Case Study

Organisational and Personal Application

Chapter 3: Model of Safety Leadership Influence: golden road to safety leadership

Introducing the RAVE Model of Safety Leadership





Safety Management Systems

Case Study

Organisational and Personal Application

Chapter 4: Importance of Culture: the DNA of an organisation

Safety Culture

Components of a Safety Culture

Unearthing the True Culture

Cultural Analysis

Changing Culture

Case Study

Organisational and Personal Application

Chapter 5: Innovation and Emerging Paradigms: shifting the needle on safety: progressing from dogma to science

Overall assumptions: what context is relevant before you proceed?

Key objectives

What is the Dilemma Part #1: Valuing Bureaucracy Vs Valuing People

Safety Research: Organisational Values and Safety

What is the Dilemma Part #2: Safety Dogma

How Can we Facilitate Change? Applying The 5i Approach


Intelligence: Inquire | Learn

Instigate: Teach a Man to Fish

Implement: Top-Down | Bottom-Up

Internalise| Personalise | Embed

Where to From Here? Summary and Future directions

Chapter Six: Embedding Learnings and Ensuring Longevity: making the information stick

 Potential Learning and Development Risks and Failures

Organisational Structure applied to the ‘Zero Incident’ Dilemma

Setting up for Success

Case Study

Organisational and Personal Application

Chapter 7: Journey Forward: continuing to challenge the status quo …

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Luke Daniel is a registered psychologist with over 15 years’ experience consulting, coaching and developing leaders across the globe. His work has included facilitation of workshops across multiple continents as well as analysing workplace culture.