2nd Edition

Practical Handbook of Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring

Edited By David M. Nielsen Copyright 2006
    1328 Pages 716 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Published in 1991, the first edition of The Practical Handbook of Ground-Water Monitoring quickly became the gold standard reference on the topic of ground-water monitoring. But, as in all rapidly evolving fields, regulations change, technology advances, methods improve, and research reveals flaws in prior thinking. As a consequence, books that document the state of the science, even widely acknowledged definitive works, become outdated and need to be rewritten periodically to stay current. Reflecting this and renamed to highlight its wider scope, The Practical Handbook of Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring, Second Edition provides an updated look at the field. Completely revised, the book contains so much new information that it has doubled in size.

    Containing the most up-to-date information available, this second edition emphasizes the practical application of current technology. It covers environmental site characterization and ground-water monitoring in great detail, from the federal regulations that govern environmental investigations, to the various direct and indirect methods of investigating and monitoring the subsurface, to the analysis and interpretation of complex sets of environmental data.

    Cheaper, better, faster was the mantra of the 1990s, resulting in more streamlined approaches to both environmental site characterization and ground-water monitoring, but also pitting the application of good science against the mandate to get a project done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This book provides unbiased, technical discussions of the tremendously powerful tools developed in the last decade, helping environmental professionals strike a balance between good science and economics.

    Regulatory Mandates for Ground-Water Monitoring, K.S. Makeig and D.M. Nielsen
    New! Environmental Site Characterization, D.M. Nielsen, G.L. Nielsen, and L.M. Preslo
    Monitoring and Sampling the Vadose Zone, T. Ballestero, B. Herzog, and G. Thompson
    Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for Evaluation of Subsurface Conditions, R.C. Benson
    Environmental Drilling for Soil Sampling, Rock Coring, Borehole Logging, and Monitoring Well Installation, T. Ruda and J. Farrar
    New! Use of Direct-Push Technologies in Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring, W. McCall, D.M. Nielsen, S.P. Farrington, and T.M. Christy
    New! DNAPL Characterization Methods and Approaches: Performance and Cost Comparisons, M.L. Kram
    Ground-Water Monitoring System Design, M.N. Sara
    New! Designing Monitoring Programs to Effectively Evaluate the Performance of Natural Attenuation, T.H. Wiedemeier, M.J. Barden, P.E. Haas, and W.Z. Dickson
    Significantly Expanded! Design and Installation of Ground-Water Monitoring Wells, D.M. Nielsen and R. Schalla
    New! Multilevel Ground-Water Monitoring, M. Einarson
    Monitoring Well Post-Installation Considerations, C.A. Kraemer, J.A. Shultz, and J.W. Ashley
    Acquisition and Interpretation of Water-Level Data, M.G. Dalton, B.E. Huntsman, and K. Bradbury
    Methods and Procedures for Defining Aquifer Parameters, J. Sevee
    Significantly Expanded! Ground-Water Sampling, D.M. Nielsen and G.L. Nielsen
    Ground-Water Sample Analysis, R.J. Vitale and O.C. Braids
    Organization and Analysis of Ground-Water Quality Data, M.N. Sara and R. Gibbons
    New! Diagnosis of Ground-Water Monitoring Problems, C.T. Kufs
    Health and Safety Considerations in Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring Investigations, S.P. Maslansky and C.J. Maslansky
    Decontamination of Field Equipment Used in Environmental Site Characterization and Ground-Water Monitoring Projects, G.L. Nielsen


    David M. Nielsen