1st Edition

Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms
Complex Coding Systems, Volume III

Edited By

Lance D. Chambers

ISBN 9780367455729
Published December 23, 1998 by CRC Press
592 Pages

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Book Description

Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, Volume 3: Complex Coding Systems contains computer-code examples for the development of genetic algorithm systems - compiling them from an array of practitioners in the field.
Each contribution of this singular resource includes:

  • unique code segments
  • documentation
  • description of the operations performed
  • rationale for the chosen approach
  • problems the code overcomes or addresses
    Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, Volume 3: Complex Coding Systems complements the first two volumes in the series by offering examples of computer code. The first two volumes dealt with new research and an overview of the types of applications that could be taken with GAs. This volume differs from its predecessors by specifically concentrating on specific functions in genetic algorithms, serving as the only compilation of useful and usable computer code in the field.
  • Table of Contents

    A Lamarckian Evolution Strategy for Genetic Algorithms
    The Generalization and Solving of Timetable Scheduling Problems
    Implementing Fast and Flexible Parallel Genetic Algorithms
    Pattern Evolver
    Matrix-Based GA Representations in a Model of Evolving Animal Communication
    Algorithms to Improve the Convergence of a Genetic Algorithm with a Finite State Machine Genome
    A Synthesizable VHDL Coding of a Genetic Algorithm
    Genetic Algorithm Model Fitting
    A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows
    Doing Gas with GAGS
    Memory Efficiency and Speed Enhancement Code for Gas
    Adaptive Portfolio Trading Strategies
    Population Size, Building Blocks, Fitness Landscape and Genetic Algorithm Search Efficiency in Combinatorial Optimization: An Empirical Study
    Experimental Results on the Effects of Multi-Parent Recombination: An Overview

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    Chambers\, Lance D.