1st Edition

Practical Techniques for Groundwater & Soil Remediation

By Evan K. Nyer Copyright 1992

    Practical Techniques for Groundwater and Soil Remediation is a compilation of articles by the author that were printed in the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) magazine Groundwater Monitoring Review. The book provides valuable data, emphasizes the practical aspects of remediation, presents results from actual remediation programs, and helps readers prepare remediation strategies. The book also includes detailed technical data on treatment equipment performance and the costs associated with their design and operation. A unique feature of the book is that it also contains data from treatment systems that did not work.

    Practical Techniques for Groundwater and Soil Remediation is a "must have" source of invaluable data and tips that will be useful for all groundwater and soil remediation professionals.

    Starting the Project: Defining Treatment Parameters (E.K. Nyer). Properties of the Contaminants: Relating the Physical and Chemical Properties of Petroleum Hydrocarbons to Soil and Aquifer Remediation (E.K Nyer and G.J. Skladany). Using the Properties of Organic Compounds to Help Design a Treatment System (E.K. Nyer, G. Boettcher, and B. Morello). The Effects of Biochemical Reactions on Investigations and Remediations (E.K. Nyer). Developing Treatability Data: Using Laboratory Data to Design a Full-Scale Treatment System (E.K. Nyer). Developing Detail Designs: Engineering (E.K. Nyer, P. Boutros, and D. Keyser). Unit Operations. Would the Real Air Stripper Please Stand Up? (E.K. Nyer and J. Montgomery). The Application of Biological Treatment to a Landfill Leachate (E.K. Nyer). Laboratory and Pilot Plant Evaluation of Ultraviolet (UV)-Oxidation Treatment Methods (E.K. Nyer and P. Bitter). Selection of Treatment Alternatives: Treatment of BTXE Compounds at Low Flow Rates (E.K. Nyer). Total Dissolved Solids in Ground Water (E.K. Nyer and G. Rorech). Treatment of Herbicides in Ground Water (E.K. Nyer). Practical Problems: Some Practical Problems (E.K. Nyer). The Effect of Time on Treatment Economics (E.K. Nyer). One Small Voice for Pump-and-Treat (E.K. Nyer). The Five Worst Design Mistakes I've Seen on Superfund Projects (E.K. Nyer). In Situ and Natural Biochemical Remediations: Priming the Pump for In Situ Treatment (E.K. Nyer). Biochemical Affects on Contaminants Fate and Transport (E.K. Nyer, V. Kramer, and N. Valkenburg). Hydrogeologists Should Manage Biological In Situ Remediations (E.K. Nyer). How to Determine the End of Active Remediation (E.K. Nyer and D.G. Mehan).


    Evan K. Nyer is an expert in the research and application of technology to groundwater cleanups. As Vice President with Geraghty & Miller, Inc., he is responsible for engineering services including hazardous and solid waste management, environmental and natural resource management, remediation activities, and designing treatment systems for contaminated sites throughout the United States and in foreign countries. He has designed over 100 groundwater treatment systems., Mr. Nyer travels throughout the country teaching treatment techniques at seminars and universities. He has written numerous papers on groundwater decontamination and other water and wastewater cleanup techniques. He is responsible for bringing to the field many new innovative techniques for biological treatment of water, soils, and in situ treatment and the application of existing technologies to groundwater contamination. He is a member of the Water Pollution Control Federation, National Water Well Association, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.