1st Edition

Practising Videojournalism

By Vivien Morgan Copyright 2008
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Providing valuable guidance on how to combine journalistic writing ability with video practice, and offering information on key skills, Practising Videojournalism gives both students and practicing journalists access to a wide job market, and keeps them in step with the multi-skilled journalist demanded by the media today.

    Vivien Morgan presents invaluable information on key skills such as:

    • identifying and researching stories
    • interviewing
    • producing scripts and pitching ideas
    • practical advice on how to use a small video camera
    • how to think visually about the impact of the footage
    • framing shots for maximum impact
    • the use of exchangeable lenses and of a lightweight tripod
    • the importance of getting clean sound
    • editing.

    Defining videojournalism and tracing its developments from its emergence in the 1980s to present day, the book examines satellite broadcasting, online new media and print journalism, as well as mapping the changing face of news

    With end of section bullet points and summaries to highlight key concepts, Practising Videojournalism provides students and practicing journalists with both practical information and historical, technological and social context.

    1. Towards a Definition of Videojournalism  2. The Pre-Video Era  3. Videojournalist Pioneers  4. Local TV: Videojournalists in Action  5. The Way News is Produced  6. Filming for New and Old Media  7. Videojournalism and New Media  8. The Future of Videojournalism


    Vivien Morgan

    'The idea for the book is excellent and meets a specific need in the growing market place for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Journalism, Film and TV production, Media and Television Studies.' - Michael Kennedy, Senior Lecturer in Media, Kingston University

    '...video journalism is a relatively new style of journalism, but one that is rapidly growing. For that reason alone the idea of the book is timely.' - Carole Fleming, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism, Nottingham Trent University

    '...a book that does incorporate both the practical dimension and an engagement with the historical/cultural practice of journalism would be invaluable.' - Julia Knight, Principal Lecturer, Film/Video, Luton University

    'Yes, this is a good idea. There are new courses being set up every year, both at undergraduate and masters level and a broader spectrum of supporting texts would be really helpful for students. Broadcast journalism is going through a period of rapid change, and texts soon become dated.' Ann Dawson, School of Art, Media and Design, University of Gloucestershire

    'Morgan writes in an accessible style...[and] provides invaluable advice on the skills required...It will be invaluable for students interested in video practice at all levels.  Each chapter has a useful summary and questions for the student to think about.  This is a very accessible and informative book, an absolute must for video production courses.' - Times Higher Educational Supplement