1st Edition

Preparing Leaders of Nonprofit Organizations Contemporary Perspectives

Edited By William A Brown, Matthew Hale Copyright 2022
    344 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    344 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    There are more than 1.8 million nonprofits in the United States and at least 3 times that many internationally. Workers in these nonprofits and civil society organizations increasingly look to academic programs to provide leadership and management training. This edited volume is designed to provide new and experienced faculty and program administrators with a broader conception of how the nonprofit leaders of the future are and could be educated. The chapters are written by experienced nonprofit program leaders who provide guidance on all aspects of building and more importantly maintaining a successful nonprofit program. Many of the chapters are written by former leaders of the nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC), a recognized international leader in nonprofit management curricular development, while others are written by successful founders and administrators of nonprofit programs both in the US and internationally. All chapters are however grounded in the experience of the authors, supplemented with research on best practices and focusing on future trends in the field.

    Preparing Leaders of nonprofit Organizations examines key issues and challenges in the fi eld from multiple perspectives, some of which are curricular and intellectual while others are related to program administration and oversight. The text explores core concepts, distils distinctive features of new or emerging academic programs, and identifies ways program leadership might ensure those features are reflected in their programs regardless of where these are housed within a university. The book is an essential resource for faculty and administrators who work with or are seeking to develop a nonprofit education program. It is also a useful guide for graduate students seeking a career in the nonprofit academy.


    1. Institutionalization interrupted: The evolution of the field of Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies
      Peter C. Weber
    2. Considering the Character of Organizations in the Third Sector
      William A. Brown
    3. Understanding the Impact of Political Polarization on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Programs
      Matthew Hale
    4. Philanthropy & Volunteerism: The Why and How of Philanthropic Studies
      Patrick M. Rooney and Katherine Badertscher
    5. Public Service Reform and its Implications for Nonprofit Management Education
      Steven Rathgeb Smith
    6. Nonprofit Management: Beyond Managerialism
      Robert L. Fischer and Duncan Mayer
    7. Teaching Accounting and Financial Management on Charitable Organisations
      Paul Palmer
    8. Legal Perspectives in Nonprofit Education
      Robert M. Pallitto
    9. Teaching About Nonprofits: The Challenge of International Differences
      John Casey
    10. Nonprofit Leadership Teaching & Learning: Takeaways from two rounds of NACC Accreditation
      Stuart Mendel
    11. Preparing the Next Generation of Nonprofit and Community Leaders: A Pedagogical Framework
      Jaclyn Le, David W. Springer and Charlee Garden
    12. Critical Pedagogy and Nonprofit Management Education: Refocusing Our Classrooms Towards Transformation and Liberation
      Roseanne Mirabella, Khanh Nguyen and Maureen Emerson Feit
    13. Different Approaches to Applied Nonprofit Management
      Pier C. Rogers and Monika Hudson
    14. A Wealth of Options: Making Sense of a Crowded Landscape
      Michelle Wooddell
    15. Enacting Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: Academic Centers as Builders of Transdisciplinary Bridges
      Robert F. Ashcraft
    16. Integrating Social Innovation, Nonprofit Leadership, and Philanthropy Education Across Campus
      Nathan Dietz, Katlin Gray and Robert Grimm
    17. Assessing Nonprofit Academic Programs: A More Inclusive Approach
      Heather L. Carpenter
    18. The Nonprofit Studies Field as a Social Movement Itself: How Can We Strengthen It?
      Renée Irvin


    William A. Brown is Professor in the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University and holds the Mary Julia and George Jordan Professorship. He also serves as the Director of the Center for Nonprofits & Philanthropy. His research focuses on nonprofit governance, strategy, and organizational effectiveness. He teaches Nonprofit Management, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management and Capstone courses. His books include an edited volume Nonprofit Governance: Innovative Perspectives and Approaches (Routledge 2013) with Chris Cornforth and a textbook entitled Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations, published in March 2014.

    Matthew L. Hale
    is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Aff airs at Seton Hall University. His research focuses on the intersection of media and technology and the public and nonprofi t sectors. His articles have appeared in Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, The International Journal of Press Politics, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Mass Communication Society and the Stanford Law Policy Review. Hale recently served as president of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC). In that capacity, he successfully led an effort to develop an international accreditation process for programs in Nonprofit Management. Hale is an elected official in his hometown of Highland Park, New Jersey and frequent media commentator on New Jersey politics and has appeared on NPR, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, the New York Times and Washington Post.

    "Preparing Leaders of Nonprofit Organizations is a welcome and worthy successor to the line of pathbreaking books, begun in 1986 with Educating Managers of Nonprofit Organizations, that helped define and establish the field of university education for nonprofit managers and leaders. The distinguished authors in this volume break new ground on multiple fronts including theoretical foundations, teaching methodology, contemporary nonprofit leadership challenges, and the academic context with which nonprofit studies programs contend. A must read for current and future nonprofit scholars and educators and contemporary nonprofit leaders"
    Dennis R. Young, Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University and Case Western Reserve University, USA


    "Nonprofit studies as a field of study has witnessed a 50 year growth. This edited work provides an excellent overview of the history and current approaches to preparing individuals for contributing and leading in civil society. Brown and Hale have assembled some of the best voices in our field today to guide faculty and administrators to meet contemporary challenges and opportunities in nonprofit/philanthropic education. A must read for the newcomer as well as the experienced educator."
    Dwight Burlingame, Indiana University, USA


    "As nonprofit education continues to grow around the world, faculty, staff, and administrators are increasingly leading dedicated nonprofit and philanthropy programs in higher ed. Preparing leaders of nonprofit organizations: Contemporary perspectives provides valuable insight into how nonprofit education is changing in response to developments like program accreditation, social trends like public service reform and political polarization, and demands to incorporate critical perspectives and applied learning. It’s an important and timely contribution to the state of nonprofit education today."
    Elizabeth Dale, Seattle University, USA


    "Many books about nonprofit organizations have a management perspective and focus on the day-to-day operation of the organization. Preparing Leaders of Nonprofit Organizations: Contemporary Perspectives takes a different approach. It focuses on taking nonprofit educational programs and hence nonprofit leaders beyond where they currently operate. It presents discussions on topics such as the challenges of international differences, moving beyond two rounds of NACC accreditation, and how to prepare the next generation of nonprofit community leaders. This book will make the serious nonprofit educator or leader reflect critically on what they do."
    Norman A. Dolch, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership


    "This seminal book excellently positions itself as a critical overview and practical guidebook on nonprofit management and nonprofit education. Remarkably embracing comparative, global, and interdisciplinary lenses! I strongly recommend this book for instructors’ graduate-level course teaching as well as scholars’ bricks for theoretical overview. The mosaic pieces of thorough historical reviews and current trend analyses of this book leave the most crucial task to envision and design the future of the field to readers. This book is a must-read for anyone willing to assume this critical role as a transformative leader amid this field's professional management and social movement impulses."
    Bok Gyo Jeong, Kean University, USA


    "The field of philanthropic and nonprofit studies has evolved over the last few decades to establish a foothold in the academic world informing research agendas and contributing to an array of academic programs. This volume documents that progress and lays the foundation for further development as the field becomes contested, blurred, and transformed reflecting the dynamics across the sectors. For those who are new to the field, it provides an important context and perspective. And, for those who have been part of the journey, it provides an opportunity to reflect on accomplishments and chart new directions."
    Jim Ferris, University of Southern California, USA