1st Edition

Pricing and Growth
Neo-Ricardian Approach

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ISBN 9780873328579
Published August 31, 1992 by Routledge
164 Pages

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Book Description

This monograph introduces the student to the neo-Ricardian paradigm in economics. It restores the core of economic reasoning to its classical roots with a focus on production and class distribution, rather than the optimum allocation of scarce resources. As in the neo-Ricardian tradition, the book integrates value theory with growth theory and shows how the accumulation of capital (with its impact on growth and employment) is intertwined with price determination and income distribution. In this perspective, the price setting mechanism is presented within the framework of the "megacorp" world. This leads the author to macroeconomics, the determination of the aggregate price level, and aggregate output. The book discusses basic growth models, savings, and the mechanics of income distribution. The student should be able to gain an understanding of the challenges to contemporary neoclassical economics now taking place. The book is appropriate for courses in price theory and national income.

Table of Contents

These articles on population growth are designed for scholars and students of demography, population issues, and economic development. Among the topics covered are, for example, the matters of the maximum number of people who could live on Earth, and the Chinese one-child-per-family rule.

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Stanley Bober