1st Edition

Primary Sources on Yellow Peril, Series I Yellow Peril Collection of British Novels 1895 - 1913

Edited By Yorimitsu Hashimoto Copyright 2008
    2700 Pages
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    This new series was established to collect various primary source materials selected from contemporary publications and historical documents related to phenomenon of the ‘Yellow Peril’, which represents an anxiety in Western society concerning the rise of Asia, particularly China and Japan, and the consequent decline of the West, racially, culturally, and militarily.

    The first series here examines the Yellow Peril as entertainment in Britain around the turn of the century and reprints nine popular novels all in first editions together with the reproduction of their original covers in colour.

    Volume I  Introduction by Yorimitsu Hashimoto  Jack Harkaway and His Son's Adventures in China  Hemyng, Bracebridge  The Yellow Danger Shiel  M. P. Matthew Phipps  Volume II  With the Allies to Pekin. A Tale of the Relief of the Legations ... Illustrated, etc. Henty, George Alfred  Volume III The Stolen Submarine. A Tale of the Russo-Japanese War Griffith, George Volume IV The Last Persecution. Sedgwick, Sidney Newman  Volume V  The Radium Terrors. Dorrington, Albert  Volume VI  When East Meets West: A Story of the Yellow Peril Westerman, Percy F.  Volume VII  Typhoon: A Play in Four Acts/English Version by Laurence Irving Lengyel, Melchior The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu. Rohmer, Sax, pseud