1st Edition

Primitive Culture in Greece

By H.J. Rose Copyright 1925

    First published in 1925, Primitive Culture in Greece dispassionately reviews the claim that the Greeks were ‘heathen’ and asks how much of the savage ancestry was left in the classical Greek. In doing so it traces a historical continuity from the barbaric invasions of Greece to its later emergence of a classical culture. It is not written merely for the specialist, and assumes no technical knowledge, but simply an interest in one of the most remarkable civilizations of the world.

    1. To Avoid Misunderstanding 2. The Greek Peoples 3. Survivals Falsely So Called 4. Survivals of the Primitive. I. The Gods 5. Survivals of the Primitive. II. Heroes and Ghosts 6. Birth, Marriage and Deaths 7. Magic and Mythology 8. The State, the Clan and the Family 9. The Development of Jurisprudence 10. Arts and Crafts, Trade Conclusion Bibliography Index


    H. J. Rose