2nd Edition

Principles of Transgender Medicine and Surgery

    430 Pages
    by Routledge

    430 Pages
    by Routledge

    A practical guide to state-of-the-art treatments and health care knowledge about gender diverse persons, this second edition of Principles of Transgender Medicine and Surgery presents the foremost international specialists offering their knowledge on the wide spectrum of issues encountered by gender diverse individuals. In this handy text, professionals of all types can get important information about various aspects of transgender health care for a full spectrum of clients, from childhood to advanced age. Key topics addressed include medical and surgical issues, mental health issues, fertility, the coming out process, and preventive care. This essential text is extensively referenced and illustrated, and instructs both novice and experienced practitioners on gender-affirming care.

    Preface Frederic Ettner  Introduction Randi Ettner, Eli Coleman, Stan Monstrey  1. Theories of the Etiology of Transgenderism Randi Ettner, Antonio Guillamon  2. Worldwide Prevalence of Transgender and Gender Non-Conformity Lindsay Collin, Michael Goodman, Vin Tangpricha  3. An Overview of the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Non-conforming People Eli Coleman  4. Primary Medical Care of Transgender and Gender-Variant people  A.Evan Eyler  5. Preventive Care of the Transgender Patient: An Evidence-based Approach Jamie Feldman  6. Mental Health Issues Griet De Cuypere  7. Psychotherapy with Transgender People Lin Fraser, Griet De Cuypere  8. Developmental Stages of the Transgender Coming Out Process: Toward an Integrated Identity Walter Bockting, Eli Coleman  9. Sexual Function in the Transgender Population Kevan Wylie, Edward Wooton, Sophie Carlson  10. Hormonal Treatment of Adult Transgender People Louis J. Gooren  11. Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents Annelou L. C. deVries, Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis  12. Transgender Youth: Endocrine Management Stephen M. Rosenthal  13. Disorders of Sex Development (DSD): Definition, Syndromes, Gender Dysphoria and Differentiation from Transsexualism  Tom Mazur, Melissa Gardner, Aden M. Cook, David E. Sandberg  14. Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment Surgery Britt Colebunders, Wim Verhaege, Katrien Bonte, Salvatore D’Arpa, Stan Monstrey  15. Female-to-Male Gender Reassignment Surgery Britt Colebunders, Salvatore D’Arpa, Steven Weijers, Nicolaas Lumen, Piet Hoebeke, Stan Monstrey  16. Understanding Sexual Health and HIV in the Transgender Population Kevan Wylie, James Woodcock  17. Reproductive and Fertility Issues for Transgender People Petra De Sutter  18. Care of Aging Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Patients Tarynn M. Witten, A. Evan Eyler  19. Transgender Health Care and Human Rights Eszter Kismodi, Mauro Cabral, Jack Byrne


    Randi Ettner, PhD, is a clinical and forensic psychologist, a staff psychologist at the Chicago Gender Center, and president of New Health Foundation Worldwide.

    Stan Monstrey, MD, PhD, is professor and chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Gent University Hospital, Belgium.

    Eli Coleman, PhD, is director of the Program in Human Sexuality and Chair in Sexual Health at the University of Minnesota. He is one of the founding editors of the International Journal of Transgenderism and founding editor of the International Journal of Sexual Health and past president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, International Academy of Sex Research, and Society for Sex Therapy and Research.

    "Finally, science and compassion have replaced prejudice and politics! This marvelous book is essential reading for every person who provides care, or cares about, people who don't conform to society's ‘rules’ about gender. How I wish this wisdom and information had been available when I was a young pediatrician working with children and families struggling with these seemingly insurmountable issues."— M. Joycelyn Elders, MD, Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 15th Surgeon General of the United States.

    "All new and established transgender care professionals will treasure this book because it provides extensive up-to-date information to help caregivers become informed, reflective, and involved, and will assist them to develop into the professionals they aspire to be."—Guy T’Sjoen, MD, PhD, Interim President of EPATH, Full Professor and Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.

    “This second edition of Principles of Transgender Medicine and Surgery presents the current state of the art in all aspects of treatment and management of transgender healthcare.  It is an absolute ‘must-have and must-read’ for anyone working in the field of transgender healthcare. I highly recommend this standard text to both trainees and experienced clinicians in the field as it represents a most valuable and much needed contribution to the field of transgender healthcare.”— Walter Pierre Bouman, MD, MA, MSc ,FRCPsych, UKCPreg, Consultant Psychiatrist-Sexologist/Head of Service, Nottingham National Centre for Gender Dysphoria, United Kingdom.