1st Edition

Priority Setting Processes for Healthcare In Oregon, USA; New Zealand; the Netherlands; Sweden; and the United Kingdom

By Frank Honigsbaum Copyright 1995

    In the face of the relentless rise in health costs, many countries have had to set priorities so that maximum benefit can be made of unlimited funds. This book shares the experience of those which have taken a lead in this field, and draws on models being developed in Oregon, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Sweden as well as the UK. It discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each system from which healthcare planners and managers can draw their own conclusions and apply to the situation for which they are responsible.

    Part I : Priority Setting Models: Country comparisons 1. Oregon 2. New Zealand 3. The Netherlands 4. Sweden 5. United Kingdom Part 2: Ideas, Methods and Problems in Priority Setting 6. Comparative Evaluation of the National Models 7. Key Elements of Priority Setting 8. Outstanding Issues


    Frank Honigsbaum (Author) Johann Calltorp (Author) Chris Ham (Author) Stefan Holmstroem (Author)