1st Edition

Problem-Solving Leaning on New Thinking Skills

By Howard Eisner Copyright 2021

    Problem-solving and better thinking skills are among the top skills that employers are looking for. This book presents various methods of problem-solving that can be adapted to any field. It focuses on a set of a dozen new approaches with an ending result to finding better solutions to problems that you may have previously found difficult.

    The book discusses problem-solving based upon new thinking skills and presents the relationship between problem-solving and creativity. A connection between problem-solving and re-engineering is presented as the book explores the ability to tackle new and difficult problems in all aspects of life. It points you in the direction of how to easily find better solutions to problems that previously were found to be difficult.

    Target audience is general engineers, systems engineers, scientists, technologists, mathematicians, and lawyers.

    1. The Nature of Problem-Solving. 2. Thinking as a Corporate Culture. 3. The Power of the Idea. 4. Approaches to Problem Solving. 5. Think Tanks and Non-Profits. 6. Specific Problems and their Solutions. 7. Great Problem Solvers. 8. Artificial Intelligence (AI). 9. Group Problem-Solving. 10. Miscellany. 11. Summary.


    Dr. Eisner was trained as an engineer and spent 30 years as a working engineer, manager, and executive, followed by 24 years as a Professor at The George Washington University (GW). He Introduced and taught courses in Systems Engineering at GW, along with other related courses. He has written 12 books (4 from CRC Press, 2 from John Wiley, 1 from Prentice-Hall, and others) in the fields of systems, engineering and management. He has given many seminars and colloquia for industry and government over the years.