1st Edition

Proceedings of the National Association for Multicultural Education
Seventh Annual Name Conference

Edited By

Carl A. Grant

ISBN 9780805834208
Published July 1, 1999 by Routledge
504 Pages

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Book Description

The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) held its 7th Annual Conference in 1997 with a theme of Daring to Educate for Equity and Excellence: A Multicultural and Bilingual Mandate for the 21st Century. The conference generated scholarship in the form of keynote speeches and conference papers and stimulating discussions among the membership. The conference's southwest location of Albuquerque, New Mexico provided an excellent back drop to discuss the interconnections between multicultural education and bilingual education, as well as provide an opportunity for proponents of both of these important ideas to engage in useful and important discussions.

The essays comprised in this book capture much of the written record of the conference. They convey ideas, beliefs, and research findings that were presented at the formal sessions at the conference. Just as with NAME's previous proceedings, it is expected that these proceedings will become not only a written record of the conference but a "live curriculum" to help pre/K through college educators to prepare themselves and those they teach for the 21st century.

Table of Contents

Contents: C.A. Grant, Introduction to the Proceedings. Daring to Education for Equity and Excellence: A Multicultual and Bilingual Mandate for the 21st Century. G. Pritchy Smith, Who Shall Have the Moral Courage to Heal Racism in America? S. Chard-Yaron, J. Kingsbury, M. Lubetkin, Multicultural Relationships in Organizations: Exemplar Modules for Education and Training. V.J. Dixon, The Relationship Between the Cultural Awareness of Teachers and the Frequency of Behavior Referrals Among Middle School Males. R.K. Fox, M.H. Haley, A Celebration of Teaching: A Conference for Students Aspiring to Become Teachers. J. Levy, The Venn View of Diversity: Understanding Differences Through Similarities. K.A. Specs, Venn 3: Perceived Commonalities Among Elementary Boy and Girl Mediators. B.E. Vaughn, Emotion in Multicultural Education: Application of the LLEL Intercultural Communication Method. Y. Wan, S.E. Russell, Using Sheltered (SDAIE) Instruction From a Multicultural Perspective. G. Duhon-Hayes, R.M. Duhon-Sells, A. Duhon-Ross, H.C. Sells, M.M. Addison, "Racism Kills Best Educational Efforts." P.J. Anderson, A Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Intelligences Approach to Assessment Is Good Enough for Teachers. Is It Good Enough for Teacher Educators? P. Bradfield-Kreider, Mediated Cultural Immersion and Antiracism: An Opportunity for Monocultural Preservice Teachers to Begin the Dialogue. E.G. Burnett, S. Cochrane, P.L. Jerabek, A Comprehensive Approach to Changing the Culture of a Four-Year College. M.Y.H.B. Heart, J. Bula, Women of Color in the Academic Setting: Empowerment Through Mentoring. G.A. Cueto, E. Aaronsohn, Moving Within the Monolith: The Struggle to Make a University Culturally Responsible. R.S. Gottlieb, When Sparks Fly: Controversial Issues in Multicultural Education. T. Huber, P.J. Anderson, K. Ott, C. Combs, S. Edwards, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Race and Gender at the Crossroads: Preliminary Findings of Retrospective Interviews. C. Kurkjian, K.J. Weiss, H.R. Abadiano, Electronic Exchanges Across Campuses: Forums for Concerns and Issues Surrounding the Selection and Use of Multicultural Literature. H. McKenna, Ethnobibliotherapy: Ethnic Identity Development Through Multicultural Literature. M. Natera-Riles, N. Smith-Dramis, Process Meets Product: Where Technology Enhances Staff Development. K.S. Ott, Black English: "Ain't Nobody Can Talk About Things Being About Theirselves." I.S. Shigaki, K. Holloran, Transformative Curriculum Development Through Exploration of Identities of Self and Others. N. Smith-Dramis, M. Natera-Riles, R. Garcia, A Multicultural/Multilingual University Urban District Partnership That Is Working. D. Smith, Write From the Edge. F. Stopsky, Crime: The Neglected Area of Multicultural Education. D.F. Warring, S. Hunter, K.D. Frank, STAR (University Students Talk About Race With Secondary Students). G.A. Dotson, S.H. Bolden, "Classroom Techniques and Behaviors That Can Be Utilized by Teachers to Meet the Diverse Needs of Students While Enhancing the Teaching Learning Process." A.V. Paccione, B.A. McWhorter, Multicultural Perspective Transformation of Teachers: The Impact of Cultural Immersion.

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