Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 6: Neuronal Growth and Plasticity  book cover
1st Edition

Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 6: Neuronal Growth and Plasticity



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ISBN 9789067640374
Published November 30, 1984 by CRC Press
316 Pages

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Book Description

Current information on neuronal plasticity is still fragmentary. This book contains papers presented at an international symposium specifically convened to discuss and provide a state-of-the-art report on research in this area. The book includes presentations from several leading research workers in Japan and the USA. The contributions cover a broad spectrum of plastic phenomena in the nervous system with a view to elucidating the mechanisms underlying neuronal plasticity.

Table of Contents

Electrophysiological Study of Cell-to-Cell Interactions in Sperm and Egg S. Miyazaki The Development of Amphibian Spinal Neurons in Vivo and in Culture N.C. Spitzer Alteration of Na and Ca Spikes in Adult Mammalian Neurons during Neurite Growth in Tissue Culture J. Fukuda The Role of Active Zones in Developing Neuromuscular Junctions T. Takahishi, Y. Nakajima, K. Hirosawa, S. Nakajima and K. Onodera Basal Lamina and the Topography of Synapse Formation in Muscle J.R. Sanes Regeneration of Specific Synapses and Triggers of Axon Growth K.J. Muller Specific Terminal Elimination at Neuromuscular Junctions during Postnatal Development Y. Miyata Properties of a Steady Electric Current Generated at Rat Lumbrical Muscle End Plates W.H. Betz, J.H. Caldwell, G.L. Harris and S.C. Kinnamon Competitive Apportionment of Innervation to Individual Rabbit Ciliary Neurons and Its Signifiance for the Innervation of Other Classes of Target Cells D. Purves and C.J. Forehand The Response of Embryonic Chick Motoneurons to an Altered Periphery L.T. Landmesser On the Specificity of Sensory-Motor and Peripheral Synaptic Connections J.W. Lichtman and E. Frank Postnatal Development of the Monosynaptic Reflex in the Rat: an in Vitro Study N. Kudo Survival Factors for Motoneurons and Other Neurons of Chick Embryo Spinal Cord H. Tanaka Synaptic Plasticity in the Cerebellar Cortex M. Sakurai Modification of the Rubral Activities during Classical Conditioning of the Cat Y. Oda Activity-Dependent Neuromodulation: a Mechanism for Associative Plasticity E.T. Walters and J.H. Byrne The Postnatal Development and Plasticity ot the Somatosensory System T.A. Woolsey Mode of Axonal Growth in Developing and Regenerating Retinotectal Projection H. Fujisawa The Development of Ocular Dominance Columns S. LeVay Differences in the Rate of Postnatal Neuronal Maturation among Cortical Layers: Early- and Late-Maturing Neurons in the Kitten Visual Cortex T. Tsumoto and K. Suda

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