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Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposia on Brain Sciences, Volume 8: Endogenous Sleep Substances and Sleep Regulation

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ISBN 9789067640589
Published November 30, 1985 by CRC Press
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This volume provides the first major overview, by eminent authorities on the subject, of recent developments in the field of endogenous substances and their regulation of sleep processes. The first two sections discuss general aspects of sleep regulation; including an historical overview, the restorative and adaptive functions of sleep, and evolutionary features. The third section contains contributions focussing on circadian rhythms in relation to humoral factors, hormones, neurotransmitters and metabolism. The sleep substances currently receiving most attention --- delta-sleep-inducing-peptide (DSIP), muramyl peptides, interleukin-1, sleep-promoting substance (SPS) and prostaglandin D2 --- are extensively discussed. Substances that may selectively modulate REM sleep are dealt with in the final section.

Table of Contents

Preface GENERAL ASPECTS Sleep substances: their roles and evolution S. Inoué Approaches to sleep regulation A.A. Borbély Tissue restitution and sleep, with particular reference to human slow wave sleep J.A. Horne Searching and evaluation of sleep inducing substances S. Liu, C. Li and J. Xu EVOLUTIONARY AND ADAPTIVE FEATURES Deprivation of rest and sleep in vertebrates and invertebrates I. Tobler Unihemispheric slow wave sleep in the brain of dolphins and seals L.M. Mukhametov Sleep as an adaptive process S. Torii CIRCADIAN RHYTHM Circadian rest--activity cycle in rats: its molulation by humoral factors affecting the central neurotransmitter systems K. Honma Effect of continuous infusions of TRN and GIF on circadian rhythm parameters of sleep, ambulation, eating and drinking in rats Y. Takahashi, S. Usui, S. Ebihara and Y. Honda Circadian rhythms of feeding and metabolism: suprachiasmatic nucleus as a biological clock and a site of metabolic regulation K. Nagai, H. Yamamoto and H. Nakagawa Neural control of circadian rest--activity rhythm in insects K. Tomioka DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING-PEPTIDE DSIP-like material in rat brain, human cerebrospinal fluid and plasma as determined by enzyme immunoassay N. Kato, S. Nagaki, Y. Takahashi, I. Namura and Y. Saito The natural occurrence and some extra-sleep effects of DSIP M.V. Graf, A.J. Kastin and A.J. Fischman Biochemical Evidence for DSIP specific binding sites in the rat brain A.M.A. van Dijk and G.A. Schoenenberger Muramyl Peptides, Prostaglandins and Sleep-Promoting Substance Muramyl peptides and interleukin-1 as promoters of slow-wave sleep J.M. Krueger Prostaglandin D2 regulates physiological sleep R. Ueno, O. Hayaishi, H. Osama, K. Honda, S. Inoué, Y. Ishikawa and T. Nakayama Effects of sleep promoting substances on the rat circadian sleep-waking cycles K. Honda, Y. Komoda and S. Inoué Effects of prostaglandin D2 and sleep-promoting substance on hypothalamic neuronal activity in the rat A. Inokuchi and Y. Oomura PS-FACTORS AND NEUROTRANSMITTERS PS-inducing factors and the noradrenergic system J. Adrien and C. Dugovic Organic bromine substance: an endogenous REM sleep modulator? N. Okudaira, H. Koike, S. Inubushi, A. Abe, M. Yamane, I. Yanagisawa and S. Torii Biological significance of the central noradrenergic system: from a study of skin conductance response and cochlear evoked potential K. Yamamoto Subject Index Author Index Contributors

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