1st Edition

Proceedings of the Twenty-first Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Edited By Martin Hahn, Scott C. Stoness Copyright 1999
    848 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This book presents the complete collection of peer-reviewed presentations at the 1999 Cognitive Science Society meeting, including papers, poster abstracts, and descriptions of conference symposia. For students and researchers in all areas of cognitive science.

    Symposia Integrated Models of Perception, Cognition, and Action, Productive Interdisciplinarity: The Challenge that Human Learning Poses to Machine Learning, Connectionism: What's structure got to do with it? Representations: New approaches to old problems, Dynamic Decisions, Conflict Resolution, and Real-Time Diagnosis in Complex Domains, Symposium on reference axes in language and space. Long Papers The Role of Theory of Mind and Deontic Reasoning in the Evolution of Deception, Verbal and embodied priming in schema mapping tasks, Memory for Goals: An Architectural Perspective, Serial Attention as Strategic Memory, The Effects of Referent Specificity and Utterance Contribution on pronoun resolution, Using a high-dimensional memory model to evaluate the properties of abstract and concrete words, Causal Relationships and Relationships between Levels: The Modes of Description, The Effects of Belief and Logic in Syllogistic Reasoning: Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Analysis, Simple and Complex Speech Acts: What Makes the Difference within a Developmental Perspective , Towards the Relation between Language and Thinking - the Influence of Language on Problem-Solving and Memory Capacities In Working on a Non-Verbal Complex Task, Heuristic Identity Theory (or Back to the Future): The Mind-Body Problem Against the Background of Research Strategies in Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory for Analogies and Analogical Inferences, Mental models and pragmatics: the case of presuppositions, First-Language Thinking for Second-Language Understanding: Mandarin and English Speakers' Conceptions of Time, (part contents….)


    Martin Hahn (Author) ,  Scott C Stoness (Author)