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Processes Of International Negotiations

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Published October 2, 2019 by Routledge
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The goals of the Conference were to foster increased communication and understanding between practitioners and researchers and among various research disciplines, to present and discuss research results, and to identify possible future research activities. The participation and interaction of both high level negotiations practitioners and researchers were considered especially valuable and unique aspects of the Conference.All of the subjects dealt with at the Conference have direct and obvious relevance to improving negotiations outcomes on, and the ability to deal effectively with, such issues as the trans boundary effects (environmental,economic, etc.) of technological risk, security and confidence-building measures,and international economic cooperation- all of which are high on the negotiations agenda of many countries.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Introduction -- I. The Role of International Organizations and Other -- Multilateral Mechanisms -- 1. Toward an Integral Analysis of International Negotiations /J. Kaufmann (Netherlands) -- 2. Increasing the Role of International Negotiations -- and International Organizations /A. V. Scrguicv (USSR) -- 3. Multilateral Negotiations: The Role of Presiding Officers /W. Lang (Austria) -- 4. The CSCE u a Collaborative Order /E. Antola (Finland) -- 5. Developing a Global Negotiating Machinery /G.K. Yafimov (USSR) -- 6. International Negotiations: -- Mechanisms for the Management of Complex Systems /F. Mautnar-Markhof (IIASA/IAEA) -- 7. Experiences of a Negotiator at the Stockholm Conference /K. Citron (Federal Republic of Germany) -- 8. From Negotiations to Consultations /R. Kloepzig and V. A. Richardson (UNIDO) -- n. International Trade Negotiations -- 9. Joint Ventures: Joint Interests in East-West Trade? /U. KiviKari (Finland) -- 10. Interaction between the Theory and Practice of Trade Negotiations: -- Experiences and Proposals of a Practitioner /C. Vlachoutsicos (USA) -- 11. Conceptions of the Trade Negotiation Process /S.B. Lundstedt (USA) -- 12. International Joint Venture Negotiations /F.F. Heimann (USA) -- 13. Hungary's Accession to GATT /J. Nyerges (Hungary) -- 14. International Multiparty Negotiation: -- The Electrolux-Zanussi Case /P. Gennaro (Italy) -- 15. How to Negotiate for Joint Ventures /G.A. Wolf-Laudon (Austria) -- III. Cultural, Psychological, and Political Factors -- in International Negotiations -- 16. Cultural Predictors of National Negotiation Styles /G. Hofstede (Netherlands) -- 17. Culture as a Factor in International Negotiations: -- A Proposed Research Project from a Psychological Perspective /Y.H. Poortinga and E. C. Hendriks (Netherlands) -- 18. New Political Thinking and International Negotiations /S.L. Kambalov (USSR) -- 19. The Role of Forecasting International Relations -- in the Process of International Negotiations /P. Pantev (Bulgaria) -- 20. Negotiations in Our Time /H. Grunert (German Democratic Republic) -- IV. Theoretical Foundations and Methods of Analysis - 1 -- 21. International Negotiation: A Process Worthy of Reexamination /M. Merle (France) -- 22. In Search of Common Elements in the Analysis of the -- Negotiation Process /L W. Zartman (USA) -- 23. International Negotiations and Cognitive Theory: -- A Research Project /C. Jinutm (Sweden) -- 24. The System of International Negotiations and Its Impact -- on the Ploceases of Negotiation /V.A. Kremerapk (USSR) -- 25. Paradigms in International Negotiation: -- The Example of "'Good Faith /A. Plantey (France) -- 26. Synthesising Themes of the UB-PIN Program /H. Raiffa and J.K. Sebenius (USA) -- V. Theoretical Foundations and Methods of Analysis - 2 -- 27. Effective Formation of International Concord for Conflict Solving: -- A Game Theoretic Approach with Risk Assessment /F. Seo arul M. SGU11H1 (Japan) -- 28. On the Time Aspect of International Negotiations and the Probability -- for Reaching an Agreement: An Incomplete Information Approach /W. Guth and R. Selten (Federal Republic of Germany) -- 29. Some Methodological Problems of Modeling International Negotiations /M.A. Klaroutalev (USSR) -- 30. Framework for Rational Decisions and Conflict Coefficients /A.P. Wierzbicki (Poland) -- 31. Aspirations and Aspiration Adjustment in Location Games /W. Albers (Federal Republic: of Germany) -- 32. Tools for Cooperative Negotiation between Two Departments -- of a Large Corporation: Cultural and Strategic Aspects /A. Daitl (France) -- 33. A Computer Network-Based Teleconferencing System -- to Enhance the Effectiveness of Multilateral Negotiations Fora -- V.F. Pryakhin (USSR) -- 34. The Mediator as a Third Negotiator /G.-0. Faure (France) -- 35. On Getting Simulation Models Used in International Negotiations: -- A Debriefing Exercise /L. Mermet and L. Hordijlc (IIASA) -- 36. Dynamic Solution of a Two-Person Bargaining Problem /P. Bronisz and L. Krus (Poland) -- VI. Training for International Negotiations -- 37. Negotiations for Results: How to Develop Related Executive Skills /P.L. Bontadini (Italy) -- 38. Training in International Negotiating: A Learning Instrument /W.F.G. Mastenbroelc (Netherlands) -- Vll. International Negotiations on Development and -- Environmental Issues -- 39. Negotiating a Research Project on Negotiation: -- The Fixed Link (Transchannel) Prenegotiations /C. Dupont (France) -- 40. Report of the US Environment and Natural Resources Task Group -- Program on the Proce88es of International Negotiations (USA) -- 41. The Politics of Ozone: What Determines National Policies Toward -- the Protection of the Ozone Layer? /T. Vaahtoranta (Finland) -- 42. An Experimental System Supporting Negotiation on a -- Joint Development Program /P. Bronisz and L. Krus (Poland) -- Appendix A: List of Participants -- Appendix B: Summary of the NASA Conference on the Processes -- of International Negotiations .

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