1st Edition

Processing East Asian Languages A Special Issue of Language And Cognitive Processes

By Hsuan-Chih Chen, Xiaolin Zhou Copyright 1999
    by Psychology Press

    332 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    In recent years, there has been an upsurge of interest in the processing of major East Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. These languages, due to their salient differences in structure from European languages, provide challenging opportunities to explore both language-specific processes involved in comprehension and communication and the universality of theories developed from the study of European languages.
    This volume presents an exciting sample of the most recent research on the processing of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Topics range from written and spoken word processing to sentence and discourse comprehension. The authors include specialists working in major areas of language and cognitive processes from different parts of the world.

    D. Shen, K.I. Forster, Masked Phonological Priming in Reading Chinese Words Depends on the Task. K.F.E. Wong, H.-C. Chen, Orthographic and Phonological Activation in Reading Chinese: Evidence from Eye Movements. J.R. Cho, H.-C. Chen, Orthographic and Phonological Activation in the Semantic Processing of Korean Hanja and Hangul. N. Wu, X. Zhou, H. Shu, Sublexical Processing in Reading Chinese: A Developmental Study. X. Zhou, W. Marslen-Wilson, M. Taft, H. Shu, Morphology, Orthography, and Phonology in Reading Chinese Compound Words. M. Shafiullah, S. Monsell, The Cost of Switching Between Kanji and Kana While Reading Japanese. Y. Ye, C.M. Connie, Processing Spoken Chinese: The Role of Tone Information. Y. Kamide, D.C. Mitchell, Incremental Pre-head Attachment in Japanese Parsing. E.T. Miyamoto, E. Gibson, N.J. Pearlmutter, T. Aikawa, S. Miyagawa, A U-Shaped Relative Clause wttachment Preference in Japanese. Y. Kim, The Effects of Case Marking Information on Korean Sentence Processing. C.L. Lang, P.C. Gordon, R. Hendrick, J.T. Wu, Comprehension of Referring Expressions in Chinese.


    Hsuan-Chih Chen, Xiaolin Zhou