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    ISBN 9781138738706
    370 Pages
    Published May 31, 2021 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138738713
    370 Pages
    Published September 5, 2019 by Routledge

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    This title was first published in 2000. This collection of works explores the sources of conflict and change which affect professional occupations, the responses of these occupations to such forces and the possible or likely outcomes of these actions and reactions for the character of British management.

    Part I: Introduction.  1. The Challenge to Professions, Ian Glover and Michael Hughes.  Part II: Independent Professions.  2. The Governance of Law: The Structure and Work of Corporate Lawyers, John Flood.  3. Understanding Consultancy at Performance: The Dramaturgical Metaphor, Timothy Clark and Craeme Salaman.  4. The Doctor-Patient Relationship: An Essay on the Theory of the Professions, Michael Kelly and Ian Glover.  Part III: Public Sector Professions.  5. Public Professionals or Public Servants? Making Sense of UK Local Government Professional Bodies' Codes of Ethics, Charles Booth.  6. Victorian Values in Victorian Buildings? The Museums Profession and Management, Stuart Davies.  7. Footing the Bill: Professionalisation and the Public Service, Jane Goodsir.  Part IV: Organizational Professions.  8. Restructuring and Repositioning of the UK Engineering Profession, Tony Millman.  9. Marketing: The Limits of Professionalism, Dan Bathie.  10. Future Imperfect? The Uncertain Prospects of the British Accountant, Robin Roslender, Ian Glover and Michael Kelly.  11. Politics and Professionalism: Pursuing Managerialism in Personnel, Barbara Paterson.  12. The Undisclosed Bankers, Mark Hughes.  13. Managing IT Professionals: A Crisis in Management Control? Wendy Currie and Colin Bryson.  14. The Triumph of Hierarchies Over Markets: Information Systems Specialists in the Current Context, Stephen Ackroyd, Ian Glover, Wendy Currie and Stephen Bbull.  Part V: Discussion.  15. Fragmentation, Cooperation and Continuity: Towards a Flesible Technocratic Synthesis, Ian Glover and Michael Hughes.

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