1st Edition

Progress in Behavioral Studies Volume 1

    144 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Advancing the study of behavior and its humane applications in society, this book explores behavioral studies and the analysis of behavior.

    Progress in Behavioral Studies outlines the contributions of behavioral science to education, behavioral medicine, and other related disciplines. Individual papers report on progress made through the cautious introduction of quantitative formulations into analysis, the increased interchange of analysis with other disciplines such as economics and ethology, and the continuation of behavioral science as a basis for understanding more complex phenomena.

    Volume 1. Contents: R. Epstein, Series Foreword. V.W. Quine, PHILOSOPHY: Mind, Brain, and Behavior. J.A. Nevin, RESEARCH: Recent Advances in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. R.D. Greer, EDUCATION: A Pedagogy for Survival. D.C. Russo, S.E. Tarbell, D.J. Follansbee, MEDICINE: Learning and the Modification of Somatic Function. A.J. Brownstein, OVERVIEW: Progress in the Experimental Analysis and Technology of Behavior.


    Brownstein, A. J.; Epstein, R.; Harzem, P.