1st Edition

Progress in Partial Differential Equations
Pont-A-Mousson 1997, Volume 384

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ISBN 9780582317086
Published April 1, 1998 by Chapman and Hall/CRC
208 Pages

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Book Description

The numerous applications of partial differential equations to problems in physics, mechanics, and engineering keep the subject an extremely active and vital area of research. With the number of researchers working in the field, advances-large and small-come frequently. Therefore, it is essential that mathematicians working in partial differential equations and applied mathematics keep abreast of new developments.
Progress in Partial Differential Equations, presents some of the latest research in this important field. Both volumes contain the lectures and papers of top international researchers contributed at the Third European Conference on Elliptic and Parabolic Problems. In addition to the general theory of elliptic and parabolic problems, the topics covered at the conference include:

  • applications
  • free boundary problems
  • fluid mechanics
  • general evolution problems ocalculus of variations
  • homogenization
  • modeling
  • numerical analysis
    The research notes in these volumes offer a valuable update on the state-of-the-art in this important field of mathematics.
  • Table of Contents

    of Volume 1
    A Serrin Type Result for Infinite Cylinders
    Large-Time Behavior of One-Dimensional Two-Phase Stefan Problems
    Petits Paramètres et Passges á la Limite dans les Problèmes de Filtration Dephasique
    Periodic Solutions for a Doubly Nonlinear Diffusion Equation in Hydrology
    Regularity of the Fundamental Solution for the Monge-Ampère Operator
    Radial Symmetry for Non-Negative Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations Involving the p-Laplacian
    Lagrange Multiplier Method and Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Periodic Nonlinearity
    Parabolic Degenerate Nonlinear Equations in Image Processing
    Isoperimetric Inequalities for the Sums of Reciprocal Eigenvalues
    The Group Representation Theory and Vibrations of Cyclic Structures
    Remarks on Convergence of Evolving Graphs by Nonlocal Curvature
    Estimates for Explosive Solutions to p-Laplace Equations
    A Quadratic Form Inequality for Classes of Degenerate Elliptic Operators
    Area Integral Estimates for Solutions of Parabolic Equations
    Pseudodifferential Evolution Problems
    Stability of Rothe's Scheme and Maximal Regularity for Parabolic Equations in CqW
    Convergence des Solution Globales et Bornées de Quelques Problèmes d'Évolution avec Nonlinéarité Analytique
    Image Processing and Anisotropic Diffusion

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